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Your Foolproof Guide To Picnicking

The long days and warm nights August offers means plenty of time for outdoor dining, including my favourite type… picnics! Nothing is more nostalgic than walking to the park, basket in hand, laying out the plaid blanket, and digging in! So I thought I would create this handy guide of picnic staples to keep you “picnic happy” all summer long!

  1. Hydration

While plain water is the best way to stay hydrated all summer, we know it can get boring after a long day. Pure, unsweetened fruit juice is a great way to quench your thirst, and get some vitamins in at the same time! Fun juice blends like Frutsa (on sale for $1.49 this month) are perfect on a hot August afternoon. Bonus – Freeze them in a mold – they make awesome popsicles!

If sparkling drinks are more your thing, opt for ones with no added sugar or colour. Zevia sodas have no sugar, no colour, and no calories… so there is no guilt associated with these sweet drinks!

  1. Finger Foods

 Nothing is messier than trying to cut up your lunch with a fork and knife while you’re sitting on the grass. Instead, opt for filling finger foods to satisfy your hunger. Crackers or bread with assorted cheeses is a great way to add diversity to your picnic lunch. For a vegan option, use slices or cubes of Daiya dairy-free cheese, which comes in 4 varieties (and is on sale for $3.33). Dips like hummus with carrots or celery sticks are also hearty and healthy choices.

  1. Snacks

Nothing completes a day of sunshine like snack foods! Chips are always a favourite, but can get broken and greasy fast. Opt for healthier choices like Sensible Portions new Stacked Veggie Chips. They come in great flavours, and won’t get crushed because they’re packed in a convenient tube.

Finally, my favourite snack – popcorn!! I think popcorn is just the perfect summer snack, especially when it’s organic, non-GMO, and made with coconut oil. The Lesser Evil Buddha popcorn comes in 4 amazing flavours, and is on sale for $2.99! Want a more savoury popcorn experience? Sprinkle on Bragg’s Nutritional Yeast for a health boost AND cheesy, nutty zing!!

How do you picnic?!


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