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Why You NEED to Make the Switch to Green Beauty

Okay… let’s be honest! When we first think of our health, beauty products aren’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But maybe they should be!! Today we’re getting into the nitty gritty of health and beauty products, and WHY you should be taking green beauty more seriously!

3 Reasons to Make the Switch to Green Beauty 

Believe it or not, green beauty is pretty much JUST as important to our health as the foods that we put into our bodies! Who knew right?! I first decided to make the switch to green beauty products a few years back & I have to admit that I haven’t looked back since! My hair is shinier and softer, my skin is clearer and smoother and – most importantly – I don’t experience the same side effects that I used to when I only used conventional cosmetics and beauty products! You know the ones… runny eyes, headaches from perfumes etc. etc. etc.

So if the above side effects sound familiar… maybe it’s time to look at the cosmetics’ ingredient list! Read below to see the breakdown of what you need to know about the effects of green and conventional cosmetics!

Effect on our Bodies – Did YOU know that our skin absorbs 60% of what we put onto it?!

  Contains Ingredients Banned in Food Contains Petroleum-based ingredients Contains Phthalates
Conventional Beauty Product Yes. If our body absorbs 60% of what we put onto it, we are absorbing many ingredients that are banned in food! Yes. Propylene Glycol is often the moisturizing feature of beauty products. HOWEVER it also causes skin irritation! Yes. This is what makes products more flexible… and potentially hazardous! This ingredient is banned for use in cosmetics by the EU… but NOT in Canada!
Natural and Organic Beauty Products You can find MANY natural and organic beauty products that only have safe, clean and natural ingredients. Many natural beauty brands turn to natural ingredients like coconut oil, avocado, honey and shea butter to moisturize the skin! You can find many natural and organic beauty products that are free from this potential endocrine disrupter!

Regulation Standards

  Ingredient Disclosure EU vs. North America
Conventional Beauty Product Cosmetics manufacturers often use loopholes in the regulatory system to disguise byproducts or impurities. For example: manufacturers can “hide” about 3000 fragrance ingredients under one term: “parfum”. There are many ingredients that the EU Cosmetic Regulatory Body bans for product use that are NOT banned for use in North America! These ingredients then often wind up on conventional cosmetic ingredient lists here in Canada!
Natural and Organic Beauty Products If green beauty products wish to obtain certifications including vegan, organic, biodegradable or gluten-free, they must undergo stringent regulatory practices in order to meet high standards of regulatory bodies! Green beauty products that are certified organic are likely NOT going to include ingredients listed as banned by the EU!

Effect on the Environment Regulation Standards  

Farming Practices Effect on our Water Systems
Conventional Beauty Product We all know that conventional farming practices are not as safe for the environment as organic. Oftentimes, conventional makeup manufacturers source ingredients in a VERY non-environmentally friendly way. In fact, makeup ingredient farming has caused mass deforestation in parts of the world (like in Indonesia and Malaysia). Conventional makeup and beauty products are filled with synthetic and toxic chemicals that make their way into our oceans and water systems. This means our water ecosystems are dying (just look at our reef systems) AND our marine life is negatively impacted in a MAJOR way!
Natural and Organic Beauty Products Organic, fair-trade farming practices are much more environmentally friendly. Sourcing methods for organic products means environmentally damaging chemicals are NOT used! Green beauty products contain less toxic ingredients and MORE natural, organic properties that are far less harmful to our environment. Not to mention… some are even biodegradable!

So… will you be making the switch?!