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Where You Should Go Hiking in the GTA

What activities do you fill your weekends with? Well if hiking is not on your list, we’re thinking that it SHOULD be! Why you ask? Well – many reasons! It’s good exercise for starters, gets you in the great outdoors and breathing some of that Canadian fresh air AND – it encourages lots of great conversation with whomever you decide to go hiking with!

So… why not try out a few hiking spots this weekend with your friends and family? Below are a few of OUR favourite hikes in and around the city! Including all of the “must have” hiking snacks – which just so happen to ALL be on special this month! Enjoy!

Three Spectacular Hiking Trails Near the GTA 

I find that Ontario tends to get a bit of a bad rap in the hiking department; the landscape in this fine province of ours is SO underrated in my oh so humble opinion. Sure we don’t have the mountains that out west may have, but we DO have tons of gorgeous waterfalls, lake views & lush forests just to name a few! You just have to get out there to actually SEE it, to believe how stunning it actually is!

Below are a few of the places that I like to go, if I ever have a hankering to go on a really great hike right here in Ontario! 

Scarborough Bluffs

Prepare to be magically transported to the Caribbean on this hike! The waters here are stunningly crystal clear and surprisingly ocean blue – you’d NEVER know that you were right here in Ontario! Not to mention… the escarpment is stunning! This is an absolute MUST SEE and it’s only a half an hour drive from the city!

Sunnybrook Park


A country escape right here in the middle of the city! Believe it or not, Toronto is home to a few different parks, which makes for a nice little escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Rivers, florals and greenery, dog parks and even horse stables make Sunnybrook a unique option for hiking with the family! Not to mention… it’s the perfect location for picnicking and BBQ’s!

Bruce Trail

Like waterfalls? Really who DOESN’T?! Well then you will absolutely love hiking the Bruce Trail in the Ancaster region. You can’t hike too long without stumbling upon some sort of magical waterfall…. There are literally HUNDREDS upon hundreds of them and you will NOT be disappointed!

Go-To Hiking Snacks

 So if you’re going to be hiking for hours on end – you’re going to need SOME sort of sustenance! I’ve curated ALL of our hike friendly snacks that are on SALE this month on the image below! You’re WELCOME 😀