What to do in the GTA this March Break

March Break is officially around the corner, and if you’re starting to get a little bit panicked about what to do with the kids for an entire week without the distraction of school activities, look no further! Because we’re sharing some of our favourite March Break activities

5 Things to do During March Break in the GTA – Brit, Team Ambrosia

 1. Host a Maple Syrup Festival with Friends

I can’t possibly think of anything more Canadian than hosting your very own maple syrup festival with friends and family this March Break! We’ve officially entered maple syrup season here in Ontario so this is a rather fitting activity for your family to partake in! You’re going to start seeing a TON of Maple Syrup or Sugar Shack festivals popping up in and around the GTA, but why not try your hand at hosting one of your very own? Not to mention… I’m thinking that the kids will go nuts for this one!

For variety’s sake, have each guest bring a bottle of maple syrup to your party so that you can sample different flavours! We have a few natural varieties to choose from right here at Ambrosia, so be sure to stop by and scope out the selection!

Before guests arrive, prepare pancakes or waffles ahead of time, and invite your guests to dip their pancakes into the different syrup selections to see which ones people like best!

You can play around with different colour syrups, tastes etc. Fun fact of the day: maple syrup comes in different grades or categories: No. 1 (Medium Colour), No. 2 (Amber Colour) & No. 3 (Dark Colour). Medium maple syrup is harvested mid-season when the temperatures are moderate, while dark maple syrup is harvested at the end of the season while temperature change is minimal! Tip: Try tasting one from each category!

IF it happens to be cold enough, you can even make maple syrup candy in the snow for a super authentic maple syrup festival experience!

2. Visit the Rouge National Urban Park

It’s always good to sneak in a little outdoor time with the family… regardless of whether it’s cold out or not!! Spending some quality time outdoors this March Break will help get the kids to expend some of their energy (beneficial for both you and them) and allow all of you to fit in a little bit of fitness!

Seeing as how it’s Canada’s 150th Birthday and National Park passes are therefore free this year, it would be a great opportunity to visit the Rouge National Urban Park over the break! Every day during March Break, the Rouge National Urban Park is hosting family related activities so be sure to take advantage of this and explore the great outdoors!

I’m thinking outdoor friendly snacks are going to be a necessity, so try making some homemade trail mix for the family – walnut halves & pieces, as well as organic Thompson raisins are on sale this month so be sure to toss in a few of each!

 3. Host Pizza Night

Another excellent option that’s great for both the kids and adults! Grab some pizza dough – we have some gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions – and stock up on pizza toppings! I’m thinking anything from veggies to meats to different cheeses etc.! Again, we ALSO carry dairy-free cheese options for anyone requiring “cheese free pizza”!

Place all of the ingredients in separate bowls so that your family and friends can pick and choose which toppings they would like to add to their own individual pizzas! This will guaranteed be WAY more fun (& tasty) than ordering in pizza from the local store.

Disclaimer: Ambrosia will not be held responsible for any messes incurred during the making of said personal pizzas… what kid doesn’t like making a bit of a mess right?!

 4. Family Game Night

Bust out some of your favourite board games for a totally laid back night in with your family and have game night… major bonus points if you can get everyone to put their phones away for the evening! Good luck with that one though 😉

There’s not much set up involved with this one, especially if you’re keeping it small with just the family! The only thing I would say is an absolute MUST HAVE is snacks – lots of them! I mean, I think that the snacks are the very best part of game night.

We have a ton of great Game Night snack options on sale this month, so be sure to stop by and check them out! Here are a few on sale below:

  • Veggie Chips – my favourite is Sour Cream N’ Onion!
  • Organic Rice Cakes – top them with nut butters!
  • Organic Dried Fruits Made in Nature

5. Visit Evergreen Brickworks

Another great way to get outdoors, and enjoy the last little bit of winter that we have left here in Ontario! Evergreen Brickworks hosts free outdoor public skating, nature walks, and tons of really unique street food vendors – so this a great way to spend a day or two!


What are you doing this March Break?!

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