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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

A few years ago now, my husband and I decided that Valentine’s Day wasn’t really for us. We’re just not the romantic type. But instead of deciding to forgo gifts altogether, we decided that instead of giving traditional, commercialized gifts with hearts all over them,we would actually give gifts FROM the heart.

Every year, we make donations to charities in each other’s names. Lots of charities even do Valentine’s themed gifts – things like buying a heart monitor for a child in the hospital, or heart-healthy grains for families in developing countries. Shhh – don’t ruin the surprise, but this year he is getting a fruit tree in South America.

As much as being charitable is great for warming the heart, I like to give a small, tangible gift as well. And, seeing as chocolate is a Valentine’s tradition, I thought what better way to feel great than to give someone a treat that gives back!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - February 11 (Blogs for Kathleen)

I did my research on the chocolates we sold here, and decided on Camino. I’ve always liked supporting them because they are a Canadian brand with humble roots in a church basement in Ottawa. I also learned that all of the cacao they use is grown by small-scale, family-run farms. Most importantly, all of the farmers and other workers involved with Camino are paid a fair wage. Fair pay means that farmers and their families have enough to eat, a roof over their heads, and can contribute to the infrastructure of their community. So this Valentine’s Day, stop and think not just about where your gifts are going, but where they are coming from.

Other Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas from Ambrosia:

  1. Heritage Store Rosewater Aroma Therapy Mist
  2. Numi Flowering Tea Set
  3. Dr. Bronner’s Rose Castile Soap
  4. Jason Rosewater Body Wash (on sale this month!)

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