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3 Uses For Pink Himalayan Salt

You may have noticed that Lumiere de Sel’s, Natural Pink Himalayan Salt is one of our Super Special’s for the month of May! So to help celebrate, we’re showing you guys three, unique ways you can use Himalayan Pink Salt every day!


3 Unique Uses For Pink Himalayan Salt

Over the past few years, Pink Himalayan Salt has completely risen through the ranks in terms of being the trendy, new “it” flavor of the month (pun completely intended). But truth be told, Pink Himalayan Salt has been recognized for its healing and nourishing effects for literally thousands of years… I think it’s safe to say we’re a little late to the game on this one!

This spice is incredibly versatile and has numerous benefits and use; below are just a few fun ones you can easily give a try!

Himalayan Salt Bath

Packed to the brim with skin-soothing and detoxifying minerals, Himalayan Pink Salt makes for an incredibly nutrient-potent bath concoction! Try mixing a cup of pink Himalayan salt and a few drops of essential oils (lavenders, peppermint and rosemary would all work very nicely) into warm bath water. All you have to do is grab a relaxing book and let all the detoxifying magic happen… “Spa-Day Sunday” anyone?


 Himalayan salt is notorious for being one of the most “pure” and “uncontaminated” salts, and is known to contain trace amounts of iron, calcium potassium and magnesium. Next time you’re preparing a meal, try incorporating Himalayan Pink salt as a seasoning or decorative garnish!

 Home Décor

Okay so this one is probably a little unexpected, but Himalayan Pink salt can also make for some pretty fabulous, and colourful home décor! Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt can be used to fill the bottom of glass, tea-light candle holders!  Place a candle on top of the coarse salt and place them linearly along your dining table for the perfect, fresh summer table-scape!

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