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5 Uses For Coconut Milk

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The Versatility of Coconut Milk 

Step aside coconut water, we’re ready to delve into all things that coconut milk has to offer… which coincidently is a LOT!

Coconut milk is made from the actual “meat” of the coconut. The meat, combined with water, is strained through cheesecloth! This is done several times until the milk becomes a rich, thin consistency. Nifty huh?!

Here are 5 ways to use coconut milk in you everyday routine!

  1. Cream/Milk Substitute in Coffee

 I’ve traditionally always been a “double, double” kind of gal… AKA I’ve essentially been drinking “dessert” on the regular. However, I am desperately trying to get my act together in the caffeine department, so I have begun substituting coconut milk for cream in my coffee. Coconut milk as a cream/milk substitute in your coffee works well because it has a naturally creamy texture. Not to mention, coconut milk is much easier to digest, so it’s not as taxing on your body’s systems.

  1. Milk Substitute in Smoothies

Same rules apply for smoothies! I’ve been using coconut milk in my smoothies for quite some time now and it makes for a fabulous tropical twist and smooth, creamy texture. It’s like your very own, healthy piña colada… hold the liquor, of course.

  1. Beauty DIY’s

Aside from being positively delicious in the recipe department, coconut milk can definitely hold its own when it comes to being a viable DIY beauty ingredient.  Packed with a plethora of beauty-enhancing nutrients, coconut milk works well in hair masks, body scrubs, bath soaks and face masks to name a few. I tried this quick, easy recipe over the weekend and had some pretty awesome results:

  1. In Baking

This one’s a bit more tricky, but if you’re especially diligent with monitoring exact ingredient measurements, coconut milk can make for a great cream/dairy milk substitute in your baking recipes!

  1. Savory Dishes

Envious of your friends who are gallivanting across seas to South East Asia?  These days, doesn’t that seems like everyone?! Not to worry! Coconut milk works amazingly well in traditional Asian dishes like coconut curry or creamy pad thai. All you have to do is pick up a can for $2.99 from Ambrosia and you’ll experience all of the tastes that SEA has to offer… right in your very own home! Flights are expensive anyways! Who needs ‘em!

What are some of  your favourite uses for coconut milk?!

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