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Think Ketchup is Just a Condiment? Think Again…

Ketchup, the unofficial – yet totally official if you ask us – “King of Condiments”. Think you know this summer staple? Well think again! Sure, you may have slathered ketchup all over your burgers and plant-based hot dogs since, oh we don’t know… childhood! But did you know that this particular sauce is actually WAY more versatile than one might initially think! YEP! And we’re sharing 5 weird, yet wonderful ways to eat ketchup just to prove it to all of you today!

Not JUST a Condiment – 5 Ways to Eat Ketchup – Brit, Team Ambrosia

I am one of those people who will order a burger with a “side” of ketchup! Ie. to “slather” simply would not be enough for me! I literally dip my burger or hot dog into a bowl full of ketchup and it STILL doesn’t seem to be enough… odd habit, I know – but I just love it that much! Now I’m not one of those people that eats “ketchup sandwiches” on the regular – yes those exist, and yes they’re QUITE popular – but I think it’s obvious that I DO have a bit of an affinity toward ketchup and seeing as how Simply Natural’s organic ketchup is on SALE this month, AND we’re nearing summertime… well we obviously had to highlight it in some way or another!

This natural ketchup is made in small batches using 100% organic ingredients in order to enhance and draw out the rich, earthy flavours of tomatoes! AKA it tastes AMAZING. Not to mention, you’ll find zero additives or preservatives so you can rest easy knowing this condiment is pretty much clean as it gets when it comes to condiments!!!

….. So you’re therefore going to want to try out each and every single idea on this list! Enjoy!

Simply Natural Ketchup: Five Ways!

1. Homemade Dips & Dressings

Okay so this one is a little bit obvious, but oh SO necessary!!!! It’s a simple way to amp up the flavour factor in your sauces without having to purchase about a million ingredients to do so!

One of my favourites is to mix horseradish with ketchup (makes for a great seafood or shrimp dip), OR mix with softened cream cheese (great chip dip), you can ALSO make a killer homemade thousand island dressing! The basics go a little something like this: simply mix ketchup with mayonnaise (also on sale), relish, onion, garlic, vinegar and salt and pepper to taste! This is great for salads OR as a burger topping!

 2. Ketchup Ice Cream

WAIT!!!!! Don’t skip over this! We are fully aware that this suggestion may in fact cause ALL kinds of cringe-worthy heebie jeebies… BUT this is actually kind of a popular thing – especially back in the 50s! A woman actually submitted a recipe for ketchup ice cream into a Carnival Contest and WON – people went crazy for it! And it’s actually kind of delicious!

Here is her original recipe below:

  • One cup of cream
  • ¼ cup of ketchup
  • ½ tsp of vanilla extract
  • 3 eggs
  • ½ cup of brown sugar


  • Whip cream until stiff
  • Fold in ketchup and add ½ tsp vanilla
  • Beat three eggs with sugar until thick, then fold into whipped cream mixture
  • Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and sprinkle with chopped cherries and crushed almonds
  • Freeze until firm

Let us know if you’re daring enough to try this one out!!!!

 3. Marinades and Sauces

Some of the very best BBQ marinades involve that tangy taste of ketchup! Whether it’s BBQ chicken, shrimp, ribs, or even grilled vegetables you definitely are going to want to add this particular ingredient to your marinades this BBQ season!

Some great flavour combinations to consider for your marinades:

  • Ketchup, honey, soy sauce and brown sugar – for ribs
  • Vinegar, onion, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, ketchup, brown sugar – for steak
  • Ketchup, mustard, honey – for chicken
  • Soy sauce, garlic, ketchup, oil, honey, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper – for vegetables

 4. Flavoured Ketchups

MMMMMMMM there’s no better sidekick to burgers/fries/ketchup than different flavoured ketchups so THIS idea will definitely be a practical, yet super fun, one to play with over the summer! Here are a couple of different ingredients to add to your ketchup to give it a bit of a kick:

  • Add in balsamic vinegar and garlic powder
  • Add sweet chili sauce or teriyaki sauce
  • Add in curry powder and lime juice
  • Add in BBQ sauce and brown sugar 

5. Ketchup Cake

Okay, so I am assuming this is likely going to get a similar reaction to the whole ketchup ice cream situation – but again – this IS a thing and it IS pretty popular!!! Ketchup offers a pretty excellent, and in some cases necessary, contrast to the sweetness of cakes, so this special little ingredient can play a pivotal role in developing a great flavour profile for your next cake! Many suggest that ketchup cake has a pretty similar taste to carrot cake or red velvet, so if you’re a fan of either… you may want to check out some variations online!

Will you be trying any of these ketchup recipes out?!