Homemade Almond Milk – 3 Ways!!

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re OBSESSED with our followers and their insanely gorgeous food photography! We’re inspired every single day from their kitchen concoctions, and more recently we’ve been seeing a lot of them trying their hand at homemade almond milk! Well, seeing as how Organic European almonds are now on SALE for the […]

Think Ketchup is Just a Condiment? Think Again…

Ketchup, the unofficial – yet totally official if you ask us – “King of Condiments”. Think you know this summer staple? Well think again! Sure, you may have slathered ketchup all over your burgers and plant-based hot dogs since, oh we don’t know… childhood! But did you know that this particular sauce is actually WAY […]

Gardening Essentials

Now that the weather finally seems to be clearing up, we thought that we would share some of our favourite gardening tips so that you can be extra prepared for when gardening season rolls around! So whether you’re planning on growing a few herbs or a full-blown garden, we’re sharing some of our favourite foolproof […]