3 Essential Oil Recipes Inspired by LOVE!

Valentine’s Day is in four days! ALERT… Valentine’s Day is in four days!! Freaking out yet? Well stay calm because today we’re talking all about essential oil recipes that are inspired by LOVE – AKA we’re concocting “Love Potions” if you will, so that you can make these on your very own & give them […]

5 Ways to Celebrate NYE at Home!

New Years’ Eve is arguably the BIGGEST celebration of the entire year! It’s a time where you get to reflect on both the past years’ successes & failures… learn from them & look forward toward a brand new and exciting chapter! And although we’re excited for everything that comes with a fresh new start, we’re […]

Ambrosia Gift Guides: For The Spa Lover

Hello Holiday Season! We’re oh so excited because starting today, every week leading up to the holidays we’ll be releasing an “Ambrosia Gift Guide” tailored specifically to each and every single person in your life! On the agenda today: Gift Guide For The Spa Lover! The Spa Lover’s Gift Guide! – Brit, Team Ambrosia I […]

Gearing Up for The Holidays: Healthy Travel Essentials

The holidays are NOTORIOUS for being one of the busiest times of the year for travel! Between visits with family and jet setting worldwide… it can become VERY hectic! Often our bodies can be exposed to a bit of a sensory overload, which can take its toll on our immune system and lead to an […]