April Featured Products Blog

Happy April everyone! Now although the official start of Spring was actually a couple of weeks ago, we don’t think it ever truly feels like Spring until the first of April rolls around! Who else agrees?! So now that April is actually HERE, we think that it’s officially time to stop all of the procrastination […]

March Break: Host a Healthy Get Together

March Break is officially, officially HERE! Running out of fun, creative food ideas to feed all the kids during their get togthers?! Well we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves… read below to see what they are!! Healthy Kids Snacks   Who says that you can’t play with your food?! It’s arguably the BEST […]

5 Things to Detox From this 2018

When we think detox, we typically think of eliminating certain foods from our diets. But what if we expanded our mindset to include a wider breadth of negative practices to start becoming more mindful of, re-evaluate and determine whether we should let them go from our lives? Sounds like perfection right? Well let’s get started […]

Halloween Candy Face-off

Alright… the Halloween countdown is officially ON!!! We are exactly T-minus TWO WEEKS away from the spookiest night of the year! Are YOU prepared? Do YOU have your Halloween Candy all picked out yet? No? Well GOOD!!! Because TODAY we’re sharing HEALTHIER versions of the traditional or conventional tricks & treats that are distributed on […]

5 Ways to Eat Annie’s Mac N’ Cheese

Well folks, it’s here… The OIFFCIAL first day back to school, & we think it’s safe to say that we’ve got the whole healthy lunch box thing down PAT, because if there’s one thing we’re experts on – it’s whole, healthy & nutrient-rich foods! So to help commemorate a new school year, we thought we’d […]

Host a Pool Party For 10 Under $40.00

We know, we know…. It’s not like this summer has been producing much “Pool Party” appropriate weather, but we thought we’d still try and hold out for some sunshine for the remainder of the season and dedicate this weeks’ post to hosting a PERFECT pool party – for all under $40!! Yep! Thanks a little […]

Gourmet Popcorn Add-Ons

In case you hadn’t noticed… Lesser Evil popcorn is on SALE this month and if THAT weren’t incentive enough to go crazy on this popcorn, we’re sharing a few different ways you can transform this classic snack into an elevated, gourmet treat! Happy SNACKING everyone!! Three Ways to Elevate Lesser Evil Popcorn – Brit, Team Ambrosia Popcorn is […]

Homemade Slushies

Now that the weather FINALLY seems to be heating up, we thought we’d share a sweet treat to help all of you cool down a bit! Seeing as how both Zevia AND Frutsa are both on sale this month, we thought that we’d combine the two to create one magical, delicious and nutritious snack the […]

Summer Bucket List

It’s here, it’s HERE!!!! Summer is finally here! Happy first day of summer friends!!! We absolutely could not think of a better way to celebrate this oh so monumental occasion than by sharing our summer bucket list – because at the rate this year is currently moving, summer will be over before you know it! […]

June Featured Products Post – BBQ Essentials

Can we all just pause for a moment to acknowledge that we are now officially in the month of June?!?! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! Seriously! Well, seeing as how we’re now a mere 20 days away from the first day of summer, we couldn’t NOT share a few BBQ picnic essentials from this month’s […]