Conventional Easter Candy vs. Surf Sweets Candies

We are just a mere few days away from that ever so infamous Easter Egg Hunt! Is anyone else secretly just as excited as their kids are?! We simply cannot wait, and have stocked up on our favourite fair trade chocolates and natural candies!! Have you picked out your Easter Candy yet? No? Great! Because […]

Healthy Easter Brunch Alternatives

Who doesn’t love Brunch?! Brunch is quickly becoming the trendiest meal of the day, especially when it comes to the holidays! It’s not uncommon for families nowadays to swap out the more traditional Easter Dinner with a casual, more intimate brunch! And we couldn’t be more on board with it! Because brunch is always a […]

How To: Create an Elegant Easter Centerpiece Using Produce

Although we’re somewhat hesitant to say that the snow is officially behind us this year, we can say with a slight bit of confidence that sunshine is just around the corner. Is it just us… or have we been saying this for quite some time now?! THIS time, we actually mean it (we think) and […]