Host a Pool Party For 10 Under $40.00

We know, we know…. It’s not like this summer has been producing much “Pool Party” appropriate weather, but we thought we’d still try and hold out for some sunshine for the remainder of the season and dedicate this weeks’ post to hosting a PERFECT pool party – for all under $40!! Yep! Thanks a little […]

What’s in Team Ambrosia’s Beach Bag?!

Summer is in FULL swing so we thought that it would be a bit helpful if Team Ambrosia shared a few of their favourite beach and poolside essentials! We asked seven of Ambrosia staff members what they absolutely cannot live without while sitting lake or pool side & they gave some pretty spectacular answers. Pssssssst…. Be […]

Shopping on a Budget: One Week of Groceries For $100

This past January, we shared a blog post on how to incorporate grocery shopping into your “Save Money” resolutions for 2017! As I’m sure you’re well aware, there’s a little bit of a misconception out there that buying organic or natural groceries costs a small fortune! So we wanted to demonstrate how to shop for […]

$10 Movie Night

When the temperatures begin to drop, so does our motivation to leave the comforts of our comfortable, cozy homes! Anyone else?! Sometimes the best cure to beat the cold, winter blues is to cuddle up and enjoy movie night with the family! But instead of shelling out $100 at the cinema for a movie night […]

Resolution: SAVE MONEY! Here’s What One Week of Groceries For $100 looks like!

Psssst…. Have you heard that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year? This may very well be true, but once those holiday bills all collectively start to roll in come mid January– we can’t really say that we maintain those same wonderful thoughts about the so-called whimsical holiday… are we right?! So […]