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Summer Lipstick Picks

to Summer is synonymous with fresh, vibrant and rich colours! This summer, we want try and embrace these beautiful colours in every aspect of our lives… even in the lipstick and beauty department! Which is why today, we’re talking our favourite (natural) lipstick picks from Ambrosia!


Lipstick smear - June 14


Lovely LipsticksAmbrosia Picks – Brit, Team Ambrosia


Bright, vibrant lips are a total summer staple! It easily dresses up any ensemble and can make for the most perfect pop of colour! Fuchsia’s, Coral Reds, Peaches and Nudes are always my go-to picks when it comes to summertime shades, and of course you can never go wrong with a little sheen gloss too!


Below are some of my favourite picks (& tips) when it comes to all things lipstick!


3 Tips & Picks For Perfect Summer Lips


  1. Moisturize & Exfoliate


With all of that sun exposure during the summertime… this step is KEY for smooth lips and to remove any dead skin cells! I like to create a DIY lip scrub using a bit of brown sugar and olive oil, and then gently use that to exfoliate! In terms of moisturizer, Burt’s Bee’s is a great “go-to”!

  1. Picking The Shade


Lipstick - June 14


As I mentioned, it’s fun to experiment with brighter, bolder colours during the summertime… like these ones below!


  • Gabriel – Seashell (pictured top left)
  • Gabriel – Sheer Rose (pictured bottom left)
  • Gabriel – Tea Rose (pictured bottom right)
  • ZuZu – Dollhouse Pink (pictured top right)


  1. A Glossy Finish


LipGloss - June 14


I’ve been told by many a makeup artist that applying a single layer of a similar shade of gloss over top of your lipstick makes for the perfect, polished finish! Below are some fun, summery picks from Ambrosia!


  • Gabriel – Appropriately named Ambrosia (pictured middle)
  • ZuZu – Luscious (pictured far left)
  • ZuZu – Cosmopolitan (pictured far right)


What are some of your favourite summertime shades?!

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