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Summer Bucket List

It’s here, it’s HERE!!!! Summer is finally here! Happy first day of summer friends!!! We absolutely could not think of a better way to celebrate this oh so monumental occasion than by sharing our summer bucket list – because at the rate this year is currently moving, summer will be over before you know it! So take advantage of every single last second with our foolproof summer bucket list!!! Enjoy!!

10 Things You Need to Try This Summer! – Brit, Team Ambrosia

We live in a country where we get the absolute pleasure of experiencing all FOUR seasons… so why not embrace it, and squeeze in as much as we can into every single one! How does one ensure this happens? BUCKET LISTS! I love, love, LOVE making bucket lists, and I try and make one every single season so I can fully take advantage of all of the wonderful activities each season has to offer!

I think there’s a little something on this Bucket List for everyone!! At least I tried my very best to do so! So without further ado, here is my ultimate Summer Bucket List!!

Go to the Drive In

I feel like Drive In’s could potentially go extinct in the very near future, so this particular summer activity should be at the very TOP of your summer Bucket List. To me, the Drive In brings about all sorts of nostalgia! I LOVE every single aspect about it – from the starry nights, to the snacks and even the rickety old fold up lawn chairs! Just the BEST!

Heading to the Drive In this summer? Below are a few of my favourite Drive In movie theatre snacks to bring along with me:

  • Beanitos Chips (on sale for the month of June)
  • Zevia Naturally flavoured soda
  • Kettle Chips
  • Caminos Salted Caramel Chocolate Bars
  • SkinnyPop Popcorn


Okay so FULL disclosure: I actually HATE camping. But I am pretty sure that the majority of people quite enjoy this summer activity so I’ve therefore put it on this list for all of YOU! Side Note: It’s not that I don’t have an appreciation for nature… it’s just that I require a comfortable mattress and running water at ALL times!

Anywho… here are some camping essenitals!!!

  • S’mores!!! You MIGHT be able to wrangle me into a weekend of camping if I’m promised an endless supply of s’mores (probably still not though). To make these tasty concoctions you’ll need: Dandies Marshmallows, Camino Chocolates, & Graham Crackers!
  • Spider Dogs!!! You have not lived, if you’ve never tried spider dogs on the campfire! Stock up on hot dogs (we carry both meat and plant-based options) and try this treat when camping!
  • You’re going to need outdoor spray to fend off those pesky little critters when you’re camping out in the woods!! ESPECIALLY if you’re going in June or July! Right now we have Citrobug Mosquito Repellent on sale, as will as Nature’s Aid Skin Gel (helps with bites and burns)

Take a Hike!

Hiking is a great way to fit in a bit of cardio, while simultaneously getting out in the great outdoors and taking advantage of all of the warm weather! You’re going to require a bit of fuel to get you through the trek, and I’m thinking Flow Alkaline Spring Water, Vitacoco Coconut Water and Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars will MORE than do the trick!!! Ps. ALL of these items are currently on SALE!

Need a little inspo on some hiking trails in the GTA? You can find a few here in our staycation tips!

Go on a Road Trip

Road trips were MADE for summer! Whether you’re making a quick trip up North to the cottage or embarking on a full-blown, weeklong road trip… there’s nothing quite like a road trip to get you in the mood for some quality summertime adventure! I always like having a few snacks to munch on while cruising away – my favourite kind would be to make my very own trail mix… you can do this by making a pit stop at our bulk section!

Some of my favourite things to include:

  • almonds
  • raisins
  • chocolate chips
  • pumpkin seeds
  • coconut chips OR flakes

Throw A Dinner Party 

There’s no better time than the summer to get a little social, so why not take advantage and throw a dinner party for your friends and family?! Summer has some of THE most vibrant, fresh and earthy flavours and foods – so even the simplest of recipes can have a pretty spectacular flavour profile! We recently shared a bit of a “how to” for hosting themed dinner parties; specifically Nautical Themed Dinner Parties!!! Click HERE to check it out!

Visit the Beach or Lake

Going to the beach or lake is something that you can literally ONLY do in the summertime… so go and DO IT! Sunscreen is obviously an absolute MUST, and lucky for you because Alba sunscreen is on sale for the month of June!

  1. If you need a beachy hairstyle to sport lakeside, check out our DIY sea salt spray HERE and if you need a few beach snack ideas – view a few of our recipes HERE

Make Ice Cream Cookies

Summertime is the only socially acceptable time where you can eat ice cream almost every single day and it would be one hundred percent a totally okay thing to do. Okay, perhaps not totally okay…. It’s more like “moderate” at best – but I will take it as an excuse anyways! We have SO SO SO many fun, naturally flavoured ice creams here at Ambrosia and combining them with cookies is just the very best thing I think you could do this summer (again, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point).

Last month, we shared a few ice cream cookie recipes which you can check out HERE!

Have a Picnic

PICNICS!!!! Another activity you can ONLY participate in during the summer!!! Outdoor dining is an excellent way to spend a warm summer day with the family! There are several amazing parks and beaches in and around the GTA that would make for the most perfect afternoon picnic; think of places like Serena Gundy or Sunnybrook Park or beaches in the city!

Never had a picnic before? Not to worry, because we have your foolproof guide to picnicking right HERE! 

Make a Lemonade Stand

The kids are going to absolutely LOVE this one! This is such a fun, whimsical summer activity and, similar to the Drive In, this brings the nostalgia factor in such a MASSIVE way! Lemonade is one of my very favourite summer drinks and I’m even more obsessed with THIS sugar-free, healthy lemonade alternative. PS. It also has rosemary, which is just the BEST! PPS. If you need a little bit of help with the whole lemonade stand assembly… click HERE!

Host a BBQ or Pool Party

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Bust out the pool floaties and fire up the grill! There’s nothing like a piping hot BBQ on a sizzling summer day! One of the best parts of the summer season is that social gatherings during the day are the norm, and there’s often no other way I’d rather spend a summer afternoon!

If you DO plan on hosting a Pool or BBQ party… you’re going to need to be armed with ALL of the fixens:

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?!