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Spring Clean Your Cleaning Products – Sara, Team Ambrosia

We’re well into spring, and many of us are focusing on spring-cleaning our homes, office space and even doing cleanses to spring clean our bodies. But did you ever think about clearing out all the harmful substances in your home? Well we’re talking about it today!

The “Dirty” on Cleaning Products – Sara, Team Ambrosia 

Cleaning products are used almost daily in an average home, from dish soap, to laundry detergent, surface cleaners to floor cleaners. We think that using a strong lemony smelling, antibacterial solution for household cleaning jobs is helping us keep our house clean and tidy, however, it can actually be doing you and the environment, more harm than good.

The cleaning product industry is not required by law to list the ingredients in their products, meaning they can be adding hundreds of harmful chemicals to their formulas. Chemicals that have known toxicity to humans. You have probably seen cautionary labels on the back of these products with poison warnings or a big skull on the back. If the company is telling you that the product is poisonous, putting the product on surfaces in your home exposes you, your family and your pets to this poison is well. Exposure to the common chemicals used in cleaning products include: hormone disruption, especially in women, asthma, allergies, skin irritation, respiratory irritation, multiple organ toxicity and most importantly, can cause cancer, specifically breast cancer in women.

A particularly disturbing example is Febreze. Febreze was tested by the Environmental Working Group and was shown to release hundreds of toxic chemicals in just one spray. These are chemicals that you are actively breathing into your lungs and circulating throughout your body. Scary stuff!

The good news?! If you are a cleaning fanatic like me, there’s still hope! You can find great natural brands that have entire lines of cleaning products that are safe and free of harmful chemicals, and won’t harm the environment either. Here are some of my favourite brands:

  • Ecover
  • Earth Friendly Products: ECOS
  • Bronner’s Magic Soaps
  • Biovert
  • Seventh Generation
  • Nature Clean

The Environmental Working Group has a great online database that you can use to check how safe your household cleaning products are.

I hope this inspires you to spring clean your cleaning products and make your home a safer environment for you and your family!


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