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Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Products

You probably don’t think twice about your toilet paper, facial tissues or paper towels being toxic, or being a contributor to skin conditions such as itchiness, rashes or other serious ailments. Since we are all aware that we should eat organic foods that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients, you should also be aware of what your delicate skin is coming into contact with.

Conventional paper products contain many harmful chemicals and dyes that act as irritants to the skin.  Contact with these irritants not only affects your skin, but these chemicals also get absorbed into your body through the skin, which cause the same harmful effects as ingesting these chemicals.  You may be wondering why your skin is itchy, or you can’t get rid of your painful, unpleasant rash.  Have you ever considered that the chemicals found in your paper products are causing your itchy, irritated skin?

The following list compares Seventh Generation paper products to conventional brands.

7th Generation                                    Conventional

Recycled Paper YES NO
Plant-based Ingredients YES NO
Alcohol NO YES
Synthetic Fragrance NO YES
Chlorine NO YES
Petrochemicals NO YES
Hypo-Allergenic YES SOME
Environmentally Friendly YES NO

Many people choose not to buy hypo-allergenic, all natural paper products because they think these products may be too expensive.  As you already know Ambrosia makes living healthy affordable with our great prices.  A simple cost comparison between Seventh Generation products found at Ambrosia vs. conventional products found at other stores demonstrates that it is actually the same price or CHEAPER to purchase Seventh Generation products.  It is a misconception that hypo-allergenic, all-natural paper products cost more!

Another common misconception is that all natural, hypo-allergenic paper products are not as effective as conventional paper products.  This may have been the case in the past, but you will find that Seventh Generation products are soft, and feel gentle to the touch.  Even suitable for babies!

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