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Scarecrow Costume DIY: Using Non-toxic Makeup

Don’t have a Halloween costume yet?! Well fear not, because today we’re sharing an incredibly easy, cost-effective DIY scarecrow costume using non-toxic makeup from Ambrosia…  BOO!

Easy, Last Minute Scarecrow Costume Brit, Team Ambrosia

Halloween is quite possibly my single favourite day of the WHOLE entire year. It’s the one-day where adults are truly allowed to embrace their silly, inner“kid spirit” and not feel completely immature or foolish about it. I mean, I can’t possibly think of anything more fantastical than creating your very own Halloween costume from scratch and seeing the whole thing come together just PERFECTLY… Is this just me?!:P

Well TODAY, I’m sharing one of my favorite DIY costumes with all of you in the hopes that you too will soon share my strong enthusiasm for all things costume DIY!!!


What’s great about this costume, is that you can utilize articles of clothing that you already have in your wardrobe…  because let’s face it, what I love even more about DIY costumes is the money I’ll save whilst creating them! Bonus points all around!

Here’s What You’ll Need:


For Makeup:

  • Black Liquid Liner – ZuZu(Black) – this product is super pigmented and gives great definition! Perfect for costume makeup! Plus this product is certified vegan and gluten-free!
  • Red OR Peach lip-gloss OR lipstick – all of the below shades would work PERFECTLY for this scarecrow look… depending on the route you want to go!! You can either go for the more red or peachy route! Both Zuzu AND Gabriel use natural, nontoxic ingredients; and are vegan and gluten-free!!!
    • Zuzu
      • Caliente lip-gloss
      • Siesta lipstick (more peachy neutral – this is more the direction that I went with last year!)
    • Gabriel
      • Santa Fe lipstick
    • Mascara – Garbiel Mascara (Black)

 For Outfit:

  • Any Plaid OR denim button down shirt
  • Jeans – preferably ripped but if not… that’s totally okay too!
  • Straw hat

Makeup Instructions:

For The Eyes:

  1. Take the liquid eyelinerand make a winged eyeliner effect on your upper lid. To do this:
    1. First line the natural shape of your eye with eyeliner. Be sure that the line starts thin at the inner of your eye, and gradually thickens toward the outer portion of your eye
    2. Second, draw a diagonal line to act as the wing. Note: this line does NOT have to be perfect, you’re a scarecrow and unevenness is actually desired!!! Again, make sure this line is thick
  2. Using the liquid eyeliner again, create overdrawn, uneven extended eyelashes. Again – do NOT worry about making perfect shapes, the more imperfect the better!
  3. Apply Garbiel Mascara (Black) – make sure to apply multiple coats for a more dramatic look!

For The Nose:

  1. Using the lipstick or gloss that you’ve selected for your lips, draw a filled in circle on the tip of your nose
  2. Using the liquid eyelinerdraw a rounded triangle around this circle on your nose.
  3. Create lines or tick marks through this rounded triangle (to look like stitches)

For the Cheeks:

  1. Using your lipstick, draw oversized circles onto each cheek. Fill in the circles with that same lipstick.

For the Mouth:

  1. Apply lipstick or lip-gloss
  2. From the corner of your mouth, draw a curved diagonal black line with the liquid liner. Almost looking like an “extended smile”. Put vertical ticks along this line using the liner (to look like stiches – same as the nose). Repeat on the other side

Outfit Instructions:

  1. Put on your articles of clothing!
  2. If you chose to go with the crow, fasten him to your shirt (I used safety pins!) – you can also fasten him to your hat as well!
  3. That’s it!!! No go scare some crows!!!

 Will you be giving this costumer a try?! Tag us on social media if you do!

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