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NYE Sparklers with Pomegranate Infused Ice Cubes

Can you believe that Christmas has already come and gone, and that we’re wrapping up yet ANOTHER year?! With 2017 upon us, we’ve got our minds’ set on closing out another great Ambrosia chapter and focusing on brand new beginnings…  this calls for a celebration, no? And what better way to celebrate than with a little bubbly… MOCKTAIL…. of course! Today we’re sharing a NYE Zevia and Black River Sparkler to help you ring the in the New Year in style!

New Years’ Eve Sparkler

NYE definitely wouldn’t be complete without a little signature cocktail action… with just a little sparkle for good measure of course – it is New Years’ Eve after all! One of my personal favourite components of New Years’ Eve is that it is synonymous with indulgence in every sense of the word! From the food to the décor and even your outfit… the bigger the better couldn’t be a more appropriate term for this time of the year!

However sometimes there are certain instances where you should air more on the “less is more” mentality… which is why today I’m sharing two festive “mocktails” to help cut back on sugar and alcohol intake, while still maintaining those fun, festive NYE vibes!

Apple Pomegranate Sparkler with Pomegranate Infused Ice Cubes

For today’s recipe we’re using Black River Apple juice; an organic, local juice company that is 100% pure, with no added sugars or preservatives! Why go organic? Well the problem with conventional juice is that oftentimes it’s simply just as bad for you as sugary sodas! Not to mention… the headaches often associated with drinking an excess of cocktails are often due to their high sugar content (extremely dehydrating especially when combined with alcohol)!

… but we’re sharing a “mocktail” with all of you today, so you shouldn’t even have to worry about all of that 😉


PS. If you just so happen to have glittery glasses to jazz up your mocktail… go for it! The Dollar Store is great for little trinkets such as this!


For The Mocktail

  • Equal Parts Black River Apple Juice and Pomegranate Juice
  • Dash of Cinnamonn ** cinnamon has properties that will help cut any sugar spike that occurs after consumption!
  • Zevia Club Soda *** Zevia is a zero calorie soda that is naturally sweetened with Stevia, and contains absolutely no aspartame!

For The Ice Cubes

  • Water
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Pomegranate Seeds


  1. Simply place two or three pomegranate seeds into each individual ice cube tray
  2. Fill each ice cube compartment half way
  3. Freeze for two-three hours
  4. Remove from the freezer, place two or three more pomegranate seeds into each compartment and fill the remainder up with water
  5. Freeze for two-three hours
  6. While your ice cubes are setting, mix the mocktail ingredients into a glass
  7. Drop a couple of ice cubes into each drink
  8. Serve!


What will you be sipping on this NYE?!