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November Featured Products: Warm Comfort Foods For Cold Weather

Fall is a pretty special time of year. With cooler temperature, warm mugs, cozy sweaters, baked goodies and brisk hikes, there’s a lot to love about the season! One of our favorite things to do as the clocks go back and the nights get longer is to hunker down with some delicious, filling, comfort foods. Today, we’re giving you some inspiration on how you can whip up some delicious and better-for-you comfort food dishes this Fall!

5 Delicious Warm Comfort Foods

1.  Healthier Loaded Nachos

Healthy Nachos

Nothing beats a heaping pile of crispy tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, guacamole and salsa. While you may think that this dish is strictly off limits for health-conscious households, you can actually make a pretty healthy version of this classic comfort food!

How? We recommend using Que Pasa Foods’ Grain Free Salted Organic Tortilla Chips as your base. These delicious, crunchy chips are 100% grain-free and are made with natural, simple ingredients, making them a vegan and gluten-free option. Simply add heaps of organic veggies and a little sprinkling of cheese (we have MANY plant-based options available), then top it off with homemade guacamole and salsa. Voila! Healthier loaded nachos! The perfect addition to game or movie night with the family!

2.  Creamy Vegan Mac N Cheese

We couldn’t write this list without include Macaroni and cheese! Macaroni and cheese is a classic comfort food! Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the healthiest option. Until now! With GoGo Quinoa’s Vegan Mac N Cheese, you won’t have to worry about what you’re eating. This easy-to-make dish offers the creaminess and comfort of regular mac n cheese but is suitable for both gluten-free and vegan diets.

3.  A Mug of Hot Cocoa

No Fall or Winter would be complete without a steaming mug of cocoa enjoyed in your pj’s under a cozy blanket. Usually, cocoa is made with rich cream or whole fat milk, which, unsurprisingly, can be pretty unhealthy. a2 Milk uses milk from Canadian cows that are dedicated to treating their cows humanely. A2 Milk selects cows that only produce A2 protein, which means it may be easier on digestion.

4.  Delicious Vegan Root Vegetable Soup

Stews and soups are another essential during the Fall. At Sunflower Kitchen, you’ll find a wide range of wholesome, healthy soups served by the bowl in adorable glass jars. These soups are made with loads of vegetables and whole grains, meaning they are low in fat and high in fiber — probably much better than the soups you’ll find on your supermarket shelves. We recommend trying the delicious harvest squash soup — at just 80 calories a cup, this seasonal soup is the perfect option for this time of year.

5.  Filling Vegan Meals from Gardein

Looking for more healthy, yet super tasty meals for this autumn? Gardein has everything you could want! This vegan company offers ready-made meals, snacks, and meatless meats for all of your healthy comfort food needs. Try the crispy chicken tenders, the meatless meatballs, or the beefless burger for your next not-so-guilty pleasure meal.

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