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Mother’s Day Gemz Quiz& Giveaway

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we want to help spoil your mom this year… because seriously nobody deserves a good spoiling quite like your mother does! So to commemorate all of the Super Mom’s out there, we’re giving away a beautiful Rose Quartz Gemzbracelet!!!

How do you enter? Tag us in a picture of you and your mom on Facebook or Instagramand use the hash-tag: #SpoilMySuperMom ! We’ll pick a winner by the end of the week!

In the meantime, take the quiz below and find out which gemstone your mom is most like!

 Which Gemz Stone Is Your Mom Most Like?!

Q 1: How would your mom comfort you growing up?

  1. Listening and lending a shoulder for you to cry on; her gentle nature always made you feel better
  2. Telling you that everything will work out for the better. She always had a solid solution for any and all of your problems
  3. She would do anything to make you laugh! Crack a joke, throw an impromptu dance party? Her positive energy always lights up a room!

 Q 2: During your childhood events, your mom would be the one in the audience…

  1. Shedding a tear, things like this made her a little sentimental
  2. Cheering loudly and boasting to others about how great you are!
  3. Waving around furiously to try and get your attention. This would always made you a little embarrassed, but now you understand it was just because she was so proud of you!

 Q 3: What were your family vacations like growing up?

  1. Family cottages, traditional road trips across the country… any of this sound familiar? If your family was together in any sort of close capacity, she was happy.
  2. Whether it be Florida, Mexico or NYC, you better believe she’d been planning this trip for months in advance! She’s the one with a full and complete itinerary – no room for error on this family vacation!
  3. Was your childhood filled with last-minute weekend getaways or spontaneous trips across the globe? Your mom loves to travel and she’ll take any chance she can to get that rush of adventure!

Q4: How does your mom treat herself?

  1. Treat herself? She was always way too buys treating YOU!
  2. The Spa. Taking a break from the busy mom schedule was necessary… and deserved!
  3. You can find her at the local yoga studio, searching for peace, happiness and all things positive energy. Namaste!

Q5: Out of these three choices, what is your mom’s favouritecolourscheme?

  1. Soft Pinks
  2. Neutrals
  3. Ocean Blues


Mostly “A’s” – Rose Quartz (Love & Harmony)

RoseQuartz - April 25

The nurturing mom! You mom is full of love and an open heart! She’s the mom making you chicken noodle soup when you’re sick and lending a shoulder for you to cry on when life’s struggles are holding you down. She’s gentle, forgiving and very tolerant.

Mostly “B’s” – Agate (Strength & Self-Confidence)

Agate - April 25

Super mom to the rescue! Confident, stable and always composed…. Even when things seem to be a little chaotic in the family! She’s the mom who wears many hats, and is always pushing forward when times are rough.

Mostly “C’s” – Turquoise (Protection & Positivity)

Turqoise - April 25

Free-spirited, positive and a little ray of sunshine! Sound familiar? This is totally your mom! She’s a fearless protector and lover of all things travel, creativity and anything eccentric!

*** Didn’t find a match for your mom? Don’t worry! Gemz has over 20 different varieties to choose from! Come on into Ambrosia to check them all out and spoil your Super Mom this Mother’s Day!

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