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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Can you guys believe that Christmas is less than ONE WEEK AWAY?!?! Seriously… where has the time gone?! If you still haven’t finished all of your shopping, well A. we don’t blame you – because we haven’t either – and B. you’re in LUCK because we’re sharing 10 of our favourite last minute stocking stuffers with all of you today! Now hurry on up and get in here!!!!!!

The Stocking Stuffers You NEED to have this Year!

Stockings have literally ALWAYS been a part of my family’s Christmas Traditions & I don’t know about you… but Stocking Stuffers are my favourite thing to open up on Christmas morning! Not only that, I love making them as well!!! I always find that they’re a super fun mix of your “needs” & “wants” & can be incredibly fun & meaningful to open if you happen to play your cards right!

Need a little help in the stocking stuffer department? Well, below are 10 totally awesome stocking stuffer ideas to help fill up those festive socks… enjoy!

 8 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers You NEED

  1. Glam Lip & Tip Kit – This lip & tip kit is honestly just SUCH a great deal! $13.99 for BOTH a lip pencil AND a nail polish?! Yes PLEASE!! I love that there is both a red & a neutral variety (something for everyone!) and the packaging is just TOO cute to pass up!
  2. Galerie Au Chocolate – I mean chocolates are ALWAYS a given in stockings! Not only do these organic, fair trade chocolates come in just the most spectacularly stunning packaging but they’re SO delicious on top of that!
  3. Holiday Teas – Teas are another really great “go-to” for your stockings and these holiday teas from Stash are particularly fun and festive! From fun product names like White Christmas to Christmas Morning, these teas will be a guaranteed stocking HIT this year!
  4. Jason Lotions – I always love receiving toiletries in my stocking and body lotions are continuously on the top of my Christmas list!! In my oh so humble opinion… you can NEVER have too many lotions & Jason has a great variety so you can stock up on a few for your stockings!
  5. Theo Christmas Chocolate Bars – Yes… more chocolate… because OBVIOUSLY! If you haven’t picked up some of the holiday chocolate bars from Theo then you need to drop everything you’re doing right NOW & come in to Ambrosia! These fair-trade, organic chocolates have just the most fun, whimsical packaging for the holidays! It’s perfection.
  6. Activated Charcoal – Okay so I may have chosen this MAINLY for the reason that is has “coal” in the product name & I kind of love the idea of giving someone coal in his or her stocking! This is totally a fun, “tongue in cheek” type of gift that just so happens to be an INCREDIBLE product to boot. Plus – it’s on SALE!
  7. Kiss My Face Holiday Soaps – Like I said… toiletries are a MUST in stockings and these holiday soaps totally fit the bill because they’re festive too! We carry the 3 pack Lavender soap which is just absolutely divine!
  8. Gingerbread Cookies – in my opinion… gingerbread cookies are hands DOWN the best kind of cookies to have ever been made. They’re just PERFECT and I wouldn’t ever change anything about them I therefore think it’s imperative to include them in your stockings! Plus they’re just so quintessentially Christmas so there’s also THAT.