Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We’re semi-hoping that you’re NOT reading this post, but for those of you cutting it down to the wire on Mother’s Day gifts this year, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite picks for the perfect present to give to your momma this Sunday! So whether you’re looking to top your current gift off, or you simply haven’t yet started shopping, we’ve got something on this list that will surely make your mom beam!

 Gifts For Mom! – Brit, Team Ambrosia 

I don’t know about you guys, but my mother is extremely hard to shop for! She is without a doubt always the trickiest person on my gift list – and I think this is simply due to the fact that she is a mom and therefore has a knack for always selecting the most perfect gift for my brother and I…. so the pressure to reciprocate is just on another level!

I wanted to do something a little bit different this year, so I thought that I would try my hand at a DIY “subscription box” – a faux subscription box if you will – sort of gift for my mom this year! In case you hadn’t noticed, subscription boxes (like Fab Fit Fun) are ALL the rage right now, so I felt this was a fun take on this hot new trend that your mom will absolutely love! 

What You NEED to put in a Mother’s Day Gift Box!

– Tea

Tea is always a great “go to” goodie to put in a gift box… especially if you’re planning on hosting your mom for Mother’s Day Tea! PS. Just a few days ago, we listed some of our favourite Mother’s Day Tea essentials so be sure to check it out HERE! (will insert link once live)

Here are some of our top picks for Mother’s Day tea:

  • Honest Leaf – The Fresh variety is a summery lemon flavour (perfect for this time of the year) that is designed to make you feel bright, refreshed and revitalized, while the Detox tea conatins a blend of hers like milk thistle and organic peppermint to keep your mom feeling well balanced!
  • Lemon Lily – If you’re buying for a brand new mom, or one that is ABOUT to become a mom… why not try Lemon Lily’s Prenatal or Nursing teas?!
  • PUKKA – Either the Love (mix of rose, chamomile or lavender) or the Womankind (mix of cranberry, rose and vanilla) are excellent options to consider putting into your gift box! Not to mention, they’re organic, kosher, Non GMO, vegan, AND soya free teas!

– Dead Sea Mud Mask

We’re thinking your mom needs a little bit of pampering come Mother’s Day! She is likely a woman of many hats, so you’re going to need to include something in your gift box that will help her relax! Insert: Elore’s Dead Sea Mud Mask! Not only is Elore’s Dead Sea Mud Mask on SALE for the month of May at just $9.99, it just so happens to be a Team Ambrosia favourite!

This vegan friendly, Non-GMO mask contains MANY a benefits and helps to draw impurities out of our skin, exfoliates, improves skin texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles! I’m personally obsessed with the post-mask glow and silk smooth texture!!!

– Mineral Fusion Lipstick

We recently began carrying Mineral Fusion Cosmetics, and we have to say it’s been a big hit with you guys, so we wanted to do a little something special and put their lipsticks on sale during May for $11.11! We carry these long-lasting, antioxidant rich, mineral lipsticks in a few different varieties (from pinks to nudes to reds), so go with a colour that you feel will best suit your mom!

– Essential Oils

This particular gift idea goes along with the Elore Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask! Purchase a diffuser for your mother and some essential oils to go along with it! This way she can enjoy her relaxing mud mask, while breathing in all of that essential oil goodness. For a super relaxing experience, I would go with Lavendars or Peppermints!

– Gemz Bracelets

Okay, so we’ve got the tea and the spa thing covered… now you have to include a little jewellery in there! Because what’s Mother’s Day without a little sparkle here and there?! We now carry Gemz Bracelets in both the large and smaller sized beads, so depending on whether your mom is more of a dainty jewellery kinda gal or typically goes for something a bit more chunky – we’ve got you covered on BOTH sides of the spectrum!

These bracelets are designed to stimulate spiritual, emotional and physical well-being for several different personal needs so be sure to have a look at each of the bracelet’s purpose and select one you think you’re mom could benefit from!


What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?!



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