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Kosher Passover Products Offered at Ambrosia

Passover begins in just over one week, so to help commemorate this holiday, we’re listing off delicious Kosher products offered here at Ambrosia, as well as a special Passover appropriate recipe, that will help cater to your holiday needs!

Passover Ingredients 

 Passover celebrates freedom, new beginnings… and food! Food playssuch an integral role during the Passover holiday, and the meals are almost always associated with special meaning or significance.

Here are some of the Kosher food items we carry at Ambrosia to help make your Passover that much more special!

  1. Organic Matzo – Streit’s
  1. Spelt Matzo – Streit’s
  1. Spelt Matzo Meal- Streit’s
  1. Matzo Ball Mix – Streit’s
  1. Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake Mix – Streit’s

     6. Supreme Almond Milk – Lieber’s

  1. Cucumbers in Brine- BneiDerome
  1. Israeli Couscous – Streit’s
  1. Red Quinoa – Pereg
  1. White Quinoa – Pereg
  1. Gluten-Free Pretzel Thins – Osem
  1. White Fish & Pike Gefilte Fish –Central-Epicure
  1. Organic Chicken – Yorkshire Valley
  1. Almond Milk – Supreme
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