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July Featured Products: 5 Reasons Hiking Is Good For Your Well-Being

We’ve all heard the saying that getting outside is good for the soul. Well it turns out that spending time in nature really is good for both your mental health and your physical health. In fact, hiking may just be one of the best things you can do for your overall well-being. Here are a few reasons why.

5 Reasons Hiking Is Good For You

1.   Hiking Helps to Boost Happy Hormones

Any kind of exercise releases endorphins, the hormones responsible for making us happy. But hiking in nature can also help stimulate the release of serotonin, the hormone responsible for making us feel relaxed.

2.   Hiking Means Spending Time Away from Any Digital Distractions

These days, most of us spend the majority of our waking lives glued to a screen. Studies have shown that being constantly online can increase depression and feelings of loneliness. Getting outside for a hike is a great alternative to doing an online workout, as you’ll have a much-needed break from your screen.

3.   Hiking Can Boost the Immune System

The immune system is what keeps us safe from illnesses. A strong immune system can help keep colds and flus at bay. Studies have shown that hiking can actually do wonders for the immune system. This is because hiking is a form of moderate exercise, which statistically boosts your immune system more than more intense forms of exercise. Plus, spending time outdoors has also been shown to help improve the immune system.

4.   Hiking Can Help You Break Past Mental Blocks

If you’re struggling with a problem at work or in your personal life, people may tell you to “go outside for a walk. It turns out, this is actually pretty good advice. By getting outside into a new environment and stimulating the body, you’ll be able to shake off old mental habits. Suddenly, you’ll be able to see your problems in a new light.

5.   Hiking Will Improve Your Physical Strength and Stamina

In addition to the many mental benefits of hiking, there are, of course, some very legitimate physical benefits, too. Hiking can help you to build stamina, improve the strength of your legs, and improve the mobility of your joints for the long term.

Hiking Essentials

So… have we convinced you yet? If you’re planning a hike in the near future, be sure to hit the trails prepared with these hiking essentials.

Watermelon Jerky

This Watermelon Jerky by Organic Traditions is free from added sugars, so you’ll get all the benefits of a ripe watermelon in a tasty, convenient, portable snack.

Sourcran Peach Candy

This Sourcran Peach flavoured candy is made from real dried cranberries. This organic, fiber rich treat is perfect for long hikes when you need some healthy energy to see you through.

Care Plus Insect Repellent Kids

The Care Plus Insect Repellent for Kids is perfect for people of all ages. With no scent and no irritants, you’ll forget you’re even wearing this insect repellent!

Flow Alkaline Water Cucumber + Mint

The Flow Alkaline Water with Cucumber and Mint flavouring offers up perfect hydration for a long hike. The tasty, subtle flavour is refreshing and revitalizing, and the natural alkaline spring water will give you the hydration you need throughout the day.