June Featured Products Post: Have the Perfect Backyard Picnic

Summer may look different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you’re feeling a little down about cancelled camping trips or postponed outdoor festivals…. We may have a tiny solution for you! Do you have a condo balcony or backyard? Try to switch up your perspective and transform whatever outdoor space you have into the “great outdoors” this summer. Today we’re sharing how you can plan the perfect backyard picnic for you and family living in your household to make physical distancing during the summer seem a little less dreary.

Send Out Invitations

First things first – to make this event feel extra special for family living in your household, create homemade picnic invitations and leave them around the house for your family to find. Be sure to include date, time, and dress code… maybe even throw in a theme?!

Making invitations is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, plus, the extra effort will make the picnic feel like a real, actual “event” during physical distancing!


To make the picnic feel more like a party and not just a trip to the backyard, decorations are going to be a key element. Try to make your backyard look whimsical and festive with decorations that you already have from around your home. Bust out those twinkling Christmas lights, arrange flowers from the garden and bring out the “fancy” tablecloth and dishware.

It can make ALL the difference!

Food Ideas

Of course you’re going to need some food ideas! It IS a picnic after all!

  • Charcuterie: Charcuterie is a great go-to for picnics. They’re easy to assemble, no-fuss and also… Schar Gluten Free Crackers are going to be the perfect addition to your charcuterie board! We recently brought in their multigrain, original and rosemary varieties. Serve these up with a selection of your favorite organic fruits (apples and grapes are great options!), cheeses, hummus and jams! PS. Have a sweet tooth? Schar’s Gluten-Free Honeygrams are on SALE this month, along with Dandies Marshmallows and Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips… s’mores would be the perfect picnic dessert!
  • Bring Snacks: Have little ones? Bring snacks for the kids to munch on! Larabar Kids Bars are made using only 9 ingredients, and we now carry these yummy bars in Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Chip.
  • Gluten Free Tortilla Station: For your main meal, we recommend a simple DIY tortilla station. Set up your favorite Unbun Tortillas along with a range of tasty toppings. Grilled organic veggies? Homemade guac? Salsa? The topping options are endless! Because it’s DIY, even the pickiest of eaters in your family won’t go hungry. PS. Did wemention that Unbun Tortillas are plant-based, keto-friendly,paleo, gluten-free?!
  • Dessert: Organika FAV Collagen Cookies for a non-guilty after dinner snack! Each bag of FAV cookies contains 3 grams of less of sugar and 4 grams or less of net carbs! They’re made with erythritol, a natural sweetener which makes them taste great!

Get Dressed Up

On the “big day”, be sure to get ready for your picnic as if it was an actual, real outing! It’s all about setting the scene! That means donning your best and putting your kids in their cutest summer outfits. Once you’re all dressed up, you can also grab some adorable summery pictures of your cute backyard picnic.

Play Some Music and Some Games

The final element of the perfect backyard picnic? Music and a few outdoor games to keep everyone entertained. Put on some happy, upbeat tunes and spend a couple of hours kicking around a ball or playing your favorite board game as a family.

And there you have it! Everything you need for a lovely backyard picnic to help keep spirits up while social distancing! Will you give this a go?!

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