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June Featured Products Post – BBQ Essentials

Can we all just pause for a moment to acknowledge that we are now officially in the month of June?!?! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! Seriously! Well, seeing as how we’re now a mere 20 days away from the first day of summer, we couldn’t NOT share a few BBQ picnic essentials from this month’s Featured Products! Enjoy!

What You’ll Be Grilling With This Summer! – Brit, Team Ambrosia

I have just returned from a quick trip to the Southern States, so BBQ foods are essentially ALL I can think about right about now, and perhaps played a bit of a role in the inspiration behind this post! Side Note: I am nearly one hundred percent positive that I am STILL full from consuming an endless amount of cornbread, sweet potato hash, various BBQ meats etc, for which I do NOT feel guilty about at all!!!

Anywho! BBQ and picnicking are obviously some of summer’s greatest pastimes, so here are a few brand new BBQ and picnic essentials you may want to include on the summertime menu this season!!!!

 Blue Top Brand Creamy Hot Sauces

Condiments can either make or break BBQ foods and we have a feeling that Blue Top Sauces will absolutely MAKE your next summer feast!!!! These vegetarian and gluten-free sauces are now available in six bold flavours (think unique flavours like lime jalapeno and garlic hatch to name a few), and are made utilizing cage-free eggs and NO dairy!!!

You can think of these sauces as street foods gone au naturel…. It’s about time right?!

Here’s how we’re thinking you should use these sauces over the summer:

  • Top this grilled corn recipe with Blue Top’s Cilantro Serrano or Lime Jalapeno sauces for a little bit of a kick to contrast the naturally sweet flavours of corn!
  • The Garlic Hatch sauce would be a perfect complement to these coconut oil chicken wings – and I’m ALSO thinking that this flavour would be awesome drizzled over some homemade, baked sweet potato fries!!!
  • I couldn’t have made this list without offering up a rib option!!!! The Honey Chipotle variety or the Buffalo Cayenne flavour are two excellent choices to top off your ribs this summer. These creamy sauce will be an excellent contrast to the sweet saucy flavours of the ribs!
  • We have both plant-based and meat burgers on SALE this month! So be sure to drop on in and pick up the Original, Creamy Hot sauce flavour!!!! You can top burgers off with SO many different toppings and flavour combinations, so I am thinking that it would be best to keep it simple with the burger and go original!

 Zevia Sparkling Water

Okay so now that we’ve got your BBQ covered, we obviously have to include a little something for you to wash all of that food down!!! We now carry Zevia’s new Carbonated Water in Blackberry, Cucumber and Lime varieties and I KNOW that these zero calorie, Non-GMO and vegan beverages will be a major hit come summertime!!!! Below are just a few different ways to mix it up with these light, refreshing drinks during a backyard BBQ!

  • Cucumber Coolers – simply add Zevia’s Cucumber Carbonated Water, with sliced cucumbers, mint leaves, and the juice of one lime wedge into a glass with ice! Keep a couple of lime wedges aside for garnish!
  • Blackberry Breezers – Add muddled blackberries, ice and Zevia’s Blackberry Carbonated Water to a glass and garnish with rosemary sprigs!
  • Sweet Limaide – Fill a glass with Zevia’s Lime Carbonated water, and add a dash of honey and a couple of sage leaves! You’ll be shocked with this flavour combination!

 Road Crew Crunch Mixes 

Can I just say that I am SO excited about these snacks!!!! Snacks during BBQ’s and picnics are an absolute MUST, especially if kids are around – you’re going to need to tied your guests over with SOMETHING, and these Road Crew Crunch Mixes are the perfect “go-to”!!! This particular snack is a combination of gluten free pretzels, rice puffs, fruit & peanuts… drenched in chocolate!!!! Jaw has officially dropped! YUM!!! What’s more is that these tasty snacks contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are made using gluten-free and fair trade ingredients! To be honest, I wouldn’t change a THING about these guys… simply leave them out in bowls for your BBQ guests to enjoy!!! We now carry the Milk Chocolate Mile, Peanut Butter Pass, Dark Chocolate Detour and Toasted Coconut Turn varieties!!!!

What are some of your favourite BBQ Essentials?!