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June Featured Products Blog Post

Mother’s day was last month and we’ve now got all things MOTHERS on the brain as we head into June! Specifically… expecting moms! This month we’re talking all things pregnancy with our brand new June Featured Products! From cravings to beauty products and health products, we’ve got you covered!

Helpful Products for Expecting Moms 

Okay first things first… I’m not currently an expecting mom! BUT I still know a thing or two about natural health and beauty products and as soon as I saw this month’s list of Featured Products I KNEW that it had to be centered all on pregnancy! You’ll see why in a bit….

In case you already didn’t know… Becoming pregnant means that your body will be going through a ton of big changes over the course of nine months, and you’re going to need a few products to help see you through these changes! Below are a few products that will help make that adjustment just THAT much easier!

Garden of Life: Prenatal Probiotics

Okay so it was THIS product that initially got the ball rolling on a pregnancy focused post. Garden of Life has recently come out with a brand new once daily prenatal probiotic that is designed to support digestive and immune health for mom during pregnancy AND lactation! Bonus because there’s actually no refrigeration required for this product too! So it’s something that busy mom’s on the go can take and transport with them while running around preparing for a newborn!

Other added bonuses: this product is certified Non-GMO, is gluten-free, dairy-free AND soy-free!

Queen of Throne: Castor Oil


Castor oil is infamous for its nourishing effects on the skin! Fun Fact: Ancient Egyptians were actually the so-called “pioneers” of using Castor Oil in their beauty regiment for hair and skin. This trend has since spread worldwide… from the tropics, to the Mediterranean, India and North America! So what does it have to do with pregnancy? Well Castor Oil can help prevent stretch marks when applied topically to the skin. Simply massage castor oil to your belly to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Side Note: When it comes to beauty products like this Castor Oil, it’s important to use natural whenever possible! Especially during pregnancy. Try and reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals in your beauty products as much as possible during this time! Use natural products like June Featured Product: Green Beaver SPF Lip Balm! This product using nutrient rich ingredients that avoid unnatural chemicals to protect your lips from the sun!

Curb Cravings: Field Roast & Smart Bite

From what I’ve heard… pregnancy cravings can be QUITE strong! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break your healthy lifestyle to fulfill those cravings! It’s obviously important that you’re nourished and that you lead a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy! So if you ever find yourself craving greasy chicken wings and fried foods… why not look into healthier alternatives instead?!

Field Roast has recently brought out a TON of really exciting plant-based products like Vegan Katsu Escalope, Fruffalo Wings or Corn Dogs!

These Rice Cakes from Smart Bite are another great option for healthy snacking! They’re gluten free, certified Non-GMO AND organic!

What are some of YOUR go-to products during pregnancy?!