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July Featured Products Post: Digestion 101

Happy July! This month’s Featured Products list seemed to be chalk full of amazing digestive aids – so we couldn’t think of a more appropriate topic for us to focus on!! A healthy digestive system is integral to our overall health and wellness – there are actually many studies out there linking our gut health to brain health – and we’re here to show you how YOU can make that “healthy gut” happen!!

Three Products to Help Ease Digestion – Brit, Team Ambrosia

In the midst of all of these super fun, summer-themed/Canada Day blog posts I thought that I would throw a bit of a curve-ball, albeit a SUPER important curve-ball, into the mix by talking about digestion! But in all seriousness, a ton of the summer foods we LOVE to eat (ie. Ice cream, milkshakes, hamburgers and hotdogs with buns etc.) can be incredibly taxing on our digestive system (many of us lack the enzymes necessary for breaking down these particular foods).

It’s common knowledge that our gut and brain are connected; our brain sends signals to our digestive tract when we eat (to release enzymes, fluids etc that aid digestion), while our digestive tract sends signals to our brain when it is experiencing distress. Because of the intimate connection these two systems share – it’s important that we take the proper steps to ensure they’re staying healthy!

To help promote a health gut & brain connection, I wanted to share a couple of products and alternatives that will make both your tummy AND yourself a whole lot happier!

1. Moonshine Mama Elixirs & Tonics

Born out of a passion to drastically change her diet due to a cancer diagnosis, Moonshine Mama’s developer created a potent, anti-inflammatory concoction of anti-tumor properties like ginger, lemon, honey and turmeric in their most bio-available form – liquids! Through extracting the most medicinal properties of each ingredient and combining them so that they are both effective AND delicious, Moonshine Mama Elixirs & Tonics has created a delicious, nutritious superfood powerhouse!

In terms of digestion, these elixirs and tonics can also help play a major role! How? With turmeric! It’s been shown that turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, can help lower inflammation in your gut; so much so that it is even used in therapeutic doses in treating inflammatory gut conditions like IBD. Not only that, turmeric helps stimulate the release of bile within your digestive tract, which helps to break down and digest foods more easily!

Want to incorporate this product into your life? Try adding these elixirs to smoothies, juices, salad dressings and marinades!!! You can EVEN experiment with different mocktail recipes (which you can find on their website HERE) or simply drink it on its own… the options are endless!

2. Ripple Pea Milk

Milk is notorious for causing all sorts of problems in our gut – from pain, to bloating to gas and inflammation! Why? Because many of us lack lactase, an essential enzyme necessary for breaking down milk and dairy products in our body! This combined with an increased demand for plant-based and vegan options, has led to the creation of MANY milk and dairy alternatives! However, I have yet to come across a pea protein, based milk alternative which is why I’m so excited about this particular product!

Made from pea protein, sunflower oil, organic cane sugar, algal oil and vitamins and minerals, Ripple Pea Milk offers up a unique, plantbased alternative to dairy based products! It contains half the amount of sugars that you would typically find in one serving of milk, and almost DOUBLE the amount of calcium! Not to mention, with 8g of protein per serving, it also offers a pretty good source of plantbased protein to boot!

To use this product, try adding it to your daily smoothie, puddings, creamy sauces, soups etc!!!

3. Garden of Life: Dr. Formulated Enzymes Organic Digest +

THIS is a really unique product because it is actually the very first (and only at this point) vegan, organic AND non-GMO chewable enzyme of its kind!! Created by a board-certified neurologist, specializing in the human microbiome, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this product was developed with the health of our gut in mind.

Combined with 13 digestive enzymes, these chewables contain 29 USDA Organic certified fruits and vegetables that are designed to promote nutrient absorption and help ease digestive complaints. Not to mention, it comes in a delicious Tropical Fruit flavour which just makes for a pleasant experience all around!!!

What are some of your favourite digestive aids?!