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January Featured Products – New Years’ Resolutions!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope that you all had a fantastic New Years’ Eve & Holiday Season spent with family & friends! What better way to kick off 2019 than on a healthy note? You know what they say… New Year = New Beginnings! So today we’re sharing different New Years’ Resolutions & how you can achieve them using January’s Featured Products!

3 New Years’ Resolutions & How to Achieve Them

New Years’ Resolutions SOUND like a really great idea, but in all honestly… they are REALLY easy to break. Why? Because they’re often too ambitious, general, undefinable and non-specific.  THIS year choose Resolutions that are achievable, easy to measure and have a defined set of parameters.

Lets tackle these common New Years’ Resolutions using defined, easy to measure parameters… & a few of January’s Featured Products!

Resolution How to Achieve it
De-Stress and More Self Care De-stress in 2019! Stress can cause a whole HOST of health problems so it’s important to take some time to decompress and relax. Allocate one-two hours every single week for self-care practices… like a relaxing salt bath!


Aromaforce recently started a unique line of essential oil bath bombs and salts to help relieve tension, and nourish and hydrate your skin! Not to mention… the scents from the essential oils are fantastic!


Feel like you need more than one-two hours of dedicated self-care per week? Well we have the answer! Ambrosia’s very own Essential Oil Necklaces! Our brand new necklaces contain a stainless steel pendant with a clasp which allows you to rotate between assorted washable pads in various colours. How does it work? Add 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oils to enjoy their benefits throughout the day!!

Cut Down on Meat Products Cutting down your animal products is not only healthy for you… it’s healthy for the environment too! Now more than ever, it’s easier to transition more of your favourite foods into plant-based ones. Going completely plant-based can be challenging if done cold turkey, but there are easy ways to make a slow transition!


Amy’s Frozen Bowls makes it easy and convenient to make the switch to a plant based diet! Try eating Amy’s Meatless Mac N’ Cheese, Country Cheddar or Harvest Casserole Bowls one-three times per week for lunch! This is an easy way to cut down on meat products every week! Just stick it in the microwave at work… and voila!


Cut Down on Dairy Products Dairy can be a source of inflammation for MANY people!


In 2019, try swapping out your dairy creamer with Organika’s dairy-free Enhanced Collagen Boost MCT Creamer. The Enhanced Collagen Boost is made up of only 2 natural ingredients: their award-winning Enhanced Collagen peptides and a GMO-free coconut MCT oil powder (sourced ethically). This is a simple – and achievable -stepping stone that you can easily achieve in 2019!


You can also try switching to Daiya for all of your “cheese” needs! Their new Deluxe Cheeze Sticks are perfect for an on the go snack!

Workout More This is probably THE most common New Years’ Resolution! But it’s not enough to simply say “Workout More”. This particular goal needs to really be defined! Determine how many times you are going to work out per week and stick to it! For example, your Resolution should instead be: “In 2019, I am going to work out three times per week.” This is both achievable AND easy to measure!


And don’t forget the fuel! Oftentimes people will start working out more… while the foods and fuel become an afterthought! Luckily Simply Protein makes fueling up DELICIOUS with their brand new Protein Cookies! Their Protein Cookies contain 10-11 grams of protein and 2-3 grams, and are made with simple and wholesome ingredients! YUM!


What are some of YOUR New Years’ Resolutions!



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