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How To: Plant Based BBQ!

When we think “BBQ” we have to admit… plant-based is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind! But maybe it should be! As we enter into an era where people are becoming more and more mindful about what we put into our bodies and where our foods come from, we’ve seen a big shift toward plant-based lifestyles and diets. In a response to this, companies are coming out with better quality plant-based foods making these diet transitions an easier one for the general population! So in an effort to show you just how easy plant-based living can be we thought that we should share a plant-based BBQ using June’s Specials!

Embracing Plant-Based BBQ’s 

It wasn’t until my brother became Vegan that I actually started to realize just how many great plant-based alternatives are out there! Admittedly, before that I didn’t have the best of experiences with vegan foods; they just didn’t do the trick for me! But now that the demand is so much higher for plant-based alternatives I have to say that I am loving them more and more!

It’s great that brands are recognizing the need to step up their vegan game… because these days you can pretty much substitute anything for a plant-based alternative! Like BBQ foods! Read on for some of our favourites… that just so happen to be on sale this month!

 The “Meats”

 Veggie Burgers – Hilary’s

 June Special: $2.77/ea

Because you certainly cannot have a BBQ without the “meats” right?! I obviously had to start off with the “meats” and I can’t think of anything more synonymous with BBQ than burgers… veggie burgers that is! From root to hemp & greens to adzuki bean, Hilary’s offers a wide variety of veggie burgers for your BBQing needs! Each box comes with certifications ranging from gluten free to organic to Non-GMO and even vegan! Tasty AND good for you! CHECK!

Meatless Entrees – Gardein

June Special: $3.77/ea

It’s good to have a few alternatives when you’re hosting a BBQ or summer party so be sure to have a few options on hand! And Gardein certainly knows what they’re talking about when it comes to options… they have a great variety of meatless entrees! Now I know that this is not necessarily BBQ related, but you can’t get much more “summer” than golden fish-free filets and fries?! Plus it’s always great to have non-BBQ options on hand!

 The Condiments

 Organic Ketchup & Eggless Mayonnaise

 June Special: $4.44/ea

Burgers and ketchup… a match made in heaven! This organic, vegan friendly and gluten free ketchup from Simply Natural is a must have at your BBQ! Same goes for Nutrimax’s Eggless or Dairy-free Mayonnaise! I’m thinking that this would be a GREAT ingredient for homemade tartar sauce to serve with the Gardein Fish-Free Fillets! Simply add 1 cup of the mayonnaise, with 2 tsp of relish, 1 tsp of lemon juice and PRESTO…. Good to go!

June Special: $3.33/ea

The Desserts

Dairy-Free Ice Cream Bars – So Delicious

June Special: $4.44/ea

One word: YUM!!! You’re going to need a little something to cool off from the BBQ heat and I can’t think of a better way to do so than with these Dairy-Free ice cream bars from So Delicious! They come in all of these really wonderful flavours like dipper salted caramel and coconut almond! Not to mention… there’s minimal mess because these are all on sticks! Perfect for parties! 

S’mores Skillet 

Do we really even need an explanation on this one?! A S’MORES SKILLET!!! I seriously cannot think of anything more perfect! This s’mores skillet is made using gluten-free honeygrams (on sale for $3.33), vegan marshmallows (on sale for ($2.66) and dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate chips (on sale for $4.44)… who knew that s’mores could be so healthy?! Hehe.

Now if you WANT the recipe… well you’re just going to have to grab our June Flyer and visit page seven to see!!! ENJOY!

What are some of your favourite plant-based BBQ foods?!