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How To: Healthy Hair

Long, luscious locks… we all want it but sometimes it seems like a nearly impossible feat to achieve! Or is it? Today we’re delving right into hair care because shinier, healthier-looking hair is just 4 simple steps away! ENJOY!

4 Rules to Follow For Healthy Hair 

Gone are the days where hairstylists were the sole proprietors of professional hair styling tools. We now live in a world where literally every single professional hair styling tool, technology, gadget, and chemical dye is available for purchase and at our fingertips any time of any day. Which is GREAT… but let’s be real… Even though we have limitless access to all of these really wonderful hair gadgets, we’re not actually professionals and we don’t really know how to use them properly. Sorry to burst your bubble!

So what does this mean for our hair?

Well I for one used to mercilessly use the hottest setting on my flat iron every day for YEARS and would blow-dry my locks almost every single day on top of that. The result? Fried, split and damaged ends that would almost always have to be chopped off later by a pro. It was not a good look. However there are several easy steps I was able to take in order to rehabilitate my hair and breathe fresh, new life into it.

… and lucky for YOU because a majority of these hair care products happen to be on sale this month!

Make the Switch to Natural Dyes

May Special: $10.99/ea

It’s no big secret that conventional, chemical hair dyes can be damaging to the health of your hair! But do we know why? Well in order to dye you hair a different colour chemically, the dye needs to first penetrate your hair follicles using ammonia, and then break down the natural hair pigment using hydrogen peroxide. Sounds rough doesn’t it? Well the GOOD news is that there are alternatives to these more invasive procedures… like Herbatint!

Why is it better? Well for starters, Herbatint’s formula consists of natural ingredients including 8 organic herbal extracts! On top of all that it has a very low hydrogen peroxide content (10 volumes to be exact), whereas the conventional dyes have a concentration of 30-40 volumes of hydrogen peroxide, which does affect the hair’s structure!

Take Collagen

May Special: $19.99/ea

I’m sure you’ve seen collagen all of your social media because it seems like it’s the hot new product but I have to say I think this new and hot product is actually the real deal. I’ve been taking collagen for the past few months now and I have to say that I’m sufficiently impressed! I’ve truly noticed a great difference in my hair! I find it to be healthier looking, stronger, more durable and shinier.

Why is it so great? Collagen plays a pretty significant role in our structural proteins… you can view them as building blocks for our cells! Particularly cells of our hair, skin and nails; it helps to keep them nourished! What’s great about the Progressive Collagens specifically is that they come in flavours like tropical breeze or citrus twist for those of you that aren’t too keen on the taste or scent of collagen!

May Special: $19.99/ea

Skin Plus by Elore is another source of collagen, as well as silica! Silica helps to prevent hair thinning, and restores vitality to hair… it’s what makes your hair silky and shiny!

Wash Your Hair Less Often

I know that this may seem like a bit of an oxymoron but this couldn’t be truer… it is perhaps the most important tidbit on this list! Leaving ample time between hair washings allows your hair follicles to build up natural oils and eventually start a “self cleaning process”. By applying less product, your hair will eventually be shinier AND healthier!

…. AND for those days that you do need a wash be sure to look for natural ingredients! We have a HUGE variety or natural, organic and plant-based shampoos and conditioners that will do the trick without a damaging affect on your hair!

Get Your Greens!

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You are literally what you eat! Foods, vitamins and minerals are ALL responsible for the health of your hair. Organic Traditions Grass Powders are an EXCELLENT source of Vitamin A and Vitamin B2 as well as a source of B12. These three vitamins are integral to hair cell growth, sebum production (hair oils) and even hair loss prevention!

Try adding these grass powders to your daily smoothies, water, dressings, dips and more!

What do you do to keep your hair healthy?!