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How to Get Back on Track after the Summer Break

The summer can be an amazing time to relax, kick back, and treat yourself. However, after a few months of summer indulgences, you may be feeling a little sluggish and slow. Luckily, by following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to get yourself back on track in no time! Here are the five best ways to create a healthy post-summer routine.

Get Back on Track after the Summer Break

Drink lots of water

One of the easiest ways to feel rejuvenated and refreshed is to up your water intake. Staying hydrated can do wonders for how you look and feel. Professionals recommend that adults drink around 8 8 oz. glasses of water each day to avoid dehydration.

With this amount of water, you’ll notice that your skin becomes plumper and younger. Proper hydration can also help you to feel energized and more awake throughout the day. It’s the ideal way to give yourself an immediate boost!

Stick to a regular sleep schedule

In addition to drinking water, getting plenty of high quality sleep is also crucial for feeling your best. Aim to get around eight hours of sleep per night so that you have optimal energy levels throughout the day.

While getting enough sleep is important, getting good sleep is equally vital. Try to put away your phone an hour or two before bed, do some gentle stretches before turning in, and even experiment with meditation so that when you doze off, your sleep is as restful as it can be.

iSleep capsules from Suro contains organic herbs that are traditionally used as a sleep aid to help relieve restlessness and/or nervousness and also as a sleep aid.

Create an achievable exercise plan

Getting some exercise every week will help you to feel energized and positive. Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

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Swap conventional household products for natural ones

While you may not realize it, using regular household products can actually cause long term damage for your body. Try swapping to all-natural household products to give your body a break from some of the harmful chemicals they may be exposed to. For instance, this Nature Clean Laundry Detergent Strips will leave your clothes feeling amazing while reducing your environmental footprint. Their zero plastic, lightweight strips take up less space than traditional laundry detergents and come pre-measured meaning there’s no chance of spillage or waste. With 100% recycled packaging and no animal testing, you can feel good about feeling clean.

Cut down on those processed foods

Want to feel good from the inside out? Stick to natural, healthy foods that are low in trans fats and processed ingredients. Try to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and you’ll start feeling less sluggish and lazy and more motivated in your everyday life. All produce in Ambrosia stores are 100% certified organic and locally-sourced when appropriate!

Summing up

Even if you’re feeling a little off after the summer, by following these simple steps, you’ll instantly feel a little bit more like your old self — we sure you’ll be feeling back on track in no time.