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How To: Create an Elegant Easter Centerpiece Using Produce

Although we’re somewhat hesitant to say that the snow is officially behind us this year, we can say with a slight bit of confidence that sunshine is just around the corner. Is it just us… or have we been saying this for quite some time now?! THIS time, we actually mean it (we think) and to help you get ready for the holidays this Spring, we wanted to share a beautiful, bright centerpiece you can use this Easter! Made almost ENTIRELY from foods and produce! ENJOY!

DIY Citrus & Easter Egg Centerpiece – Brit, Team Ambrosia

I’ve recently grown quite the affinity for anything and everything DIY – I find it to be a much more environmentally conscious alternative to purchasing store bought décor, not to mention the “fun factor” in creating them is just on another level! It also doesn’t hurt too much that it’s much more economically friendly in comparison to what you’d find in a home goods store!

So when I thought about this week’s upcoming Easter Blog Post, I knew that I wanted to incorporate some kind of fun, DIY crafting activity that would be appropriate for the entire family! Table centerpieces are an effortless, yet elegant and totally classy addition to any Easter Table setting so I wanted to try and tackle a DIY that would be the focal point of the family holiday dinner!

Here’s What You’ll Need 

  • Citrus! Lots of it! It’s Spring, so the centerpiece at your table should read: bright and cheerful! Pick two different citrus fruits – I’m thinking that orange and lemons are perfect for this, to add a bit of contrast and dimension! Limes could be a fun addition too!
  • Eggs! What’s Easter without some Easter Eggs?! If you’re going for a more organic, natural look – select brown eggs and do not dye them! If you want something a bit more fun and playful, select the white and follow our naturally dyed egg tutorial!

Instructions – To Dye Your Eggs Naturally

  • Utilize produce like purple cabbages, beets or carrots as your natural dye
  • Boil water with the produce (separately so that you get different colours) for about 10 minutes or until the water changes colour!
  • Remove from heat and allow your eggs to sit in the naturally coloured water for about half an hour
  • Remove and let dry!

Instructions – For Arranging The Centerpiece 

  • Slice a couple of the citrus into halves
  • Arrange them onto a cake display holder or a white/pastel coloured platter
  • Fill the remaining empty spaces with your naturally dyed eggs
  • If you happen to have any white flowers (think baby’s breath) in the home for Easter, you can definitely add some to this display. Simply place one or two sporadically – but this is not necessary!
  • Place on the table
  • Voila!

Will you be giving this a try?!