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Host a Pool Party For 10 Under $40.00

We know, we know…. It’s not like this summer has been producing much “Pool Party” appropriate weather, but we thought we’d still try and hold out for some sunshine for the remainder of the season and dedicate this weeks’ post to hosting a PERFECT pool party – for all under $40!! Yep! Thanks a little bit of help from this month’s Specials, we’ve got the perfect “pool party menu” lineup that could serve well up to 10 guests!!! So get those last minute invites ready… because it is time for a pool party!!

How to Throw a Pool Party For Under $40.00 

With the type of weather we’ve been having as of late, pool parties seem like a bit of a distant memory, however that is in NO way shape or form preventing me from throwing an outdoor shindig in the hopes that summer 2017 can redeem itself in some way!

We can all still hold out for Labour Day right?!

The key to hosting a no-fuss, yet completely awesome, pool party is CONVIENCE…. Both for yourself & your guests! Focus on providing foods & snacks that are EASY to make & EASY to eat! Essentially…. any foods that require a knife, fork and plate should be avoided at ALL costs! Seating space is likely going to be limited, so “grab n go” bites that you can eat with your hands are the foods you should be serving at your pool party! Not to mention, this will save you a lot of post-party cleanup considering that plates are not required for these foods!!!

Below is just a sample menu of easy, simple and TASTY foods that you can serve at your next pool party… have I also mentioned that it’s all for under $40?!

Pool Party Menu Lineup

 Drinks – Sparkling Water 

10 Cans of La Croix – $7.90

Appetizers – Avocado & Tomato Bites

 This is one of MY personal favourite recipes! I serve it at almost every party I attend, so you should definitely try this at your next pool party and let me know how you like it!


Thin Slider Buns – $3.19

Organic Grape Tomatoes (halved) – $2.99

Splash of Olive Oil

1 Organic Avocado (sliced & cubed) – Approx $3.00

1 Organic Lime – Approx $1.50


 Mix halved grape tomatoes, and cubed avocado into a bowl

Add a dash of olive oil

Add juice of lime (to taste)

Lightly brush Thin Slider Buns with olive oil

Put the slider buns in the oven on Broil for about 2 minutes or until golden brown

Remove from the oven

Scoop an even portion of the tomato and avocado mix onto each slider


Dinner – Plant-based Pizza

2 Boxes of Daiya Pizza – $11.10

Dessert – Fruit Kabobs


 $10 of Assorted Chopped Organic Fruit


Using wooden skewers, simply skewer fruits & serve!

Total: Approx. $39.68

Tip: Have all of these foods out on one table at the same time! So it creates sort of a smorgasbord of foods that your guests can pick at throughout your party!

What do ya think?! Pretty simple right?! AND cost effective! Let us know if you try this out at your next party!