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Holiday and Fall Entertaining 101

‘Tis the season for entertaining! With the weather beginning to cool down it’s time to take our socializing indoors and what better way to kickoff entertaining season than by sharing a simple guide so that your next soiree is seamless. From recipes to décor, and even your makeup look, we’re sharing everything you need to know about hosting this fall!

Your Guide to Holiday Entertaining 

The Apps

Keep it simple! Charcuterie boards are an easy, yet delicious app to serve your guests when they arrive! Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when arranging your charcuterie board for your guests:

  • Meat – Try and plan for about 3 slices of meat per person! Include a variety of flavours and pile them high onto your boards. When selecting your meats make sure to be mindful of how the product was raised. Look for certifications and labels like natural, organic, antibiotic free or grass fed.
  • Cheese – Incorporate about 2 or 3 different types of cheese onto your board for a bit of variety. Similar to the meats, you’re going to want to ensure that the animals the cheese comes from were reared naturally and humanely! Look for natural antibiotic free or grass fed labels. Try L’Ancetre organic and lactose free cheeses!
  • Crackers – Again variety is key! Ryvita crisp bread comes in a wide variety of assortments and are a source of fiber, and made from healthy whole grains! Ryvita Crisps are also on SALE this month.
  • Fruit & Nuts- Both dried and fresh fruit will add a pop of colour and lots of great flavor to your charcuterie board! Our organic Ambrosia Apples are on sale this week, and Patience Dried cranberries are on sale all week long! Add roasted or salted nuts from our bulk department for added texture!
  • Dips or Spreads – Adding small bowls filled with dips or spreads is a great way to add some heat, sweetness and extra flavour to your board. Ambrosia’s wild flower honey will be add excellent contracts to the saltiness of the cheese and meats! Not to mention… it’s currently on sale!

Offer your guests refreshment when they walk through the door to help wash down your charcuterie board! I personally love serving cinnamon and apple infused water during this festive time of the year! Simply add 2 or cinnamon sticks and half of a chopped organic apple to water for 2-3 hours before your guests arrive!

The Recipes

Make-ahead recipes are key! You want to be able to maximize time spent with your guests, so prepare your meals ahead of schedule so that when the big day comes you can actually relax and converse with your guests! Below are some of our favourite healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes that you can prepare the day before!

  1. Butternut Squash and Cranberry Soup
  2. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
  3. Chilli Con Udo’s
  4. Perfect Protein Pumpkin Parfait

The Décor

Décor helps create the ambiance and will set the tone for your party! You want your guests to feel warm and like they are right at home! This festive tablescape is so incredible easy to set up AND it’s edible… using organic apples! YUM!!! Click here for all of the details!

The Look

It’s not ALL about the foods! You need a fun, festive look too! Pacifica just released some pretty incredible natural eyeshadow palettes which we are SO excited to now be carrying! The eyeshadows are made using coconut water and mineral colours and are 100% vegan AND cruelty free! They come in three different varieties: pink nudes, beachy punk and crystal matrix. I’m thinking that the Beachy Punk would be a PERFECT fall palette because they have these really pigmented warm neutrals and soft metallics. I’m a particular fan of pretty vacant, rebel, tomboy, schooled and 1970 colours for this time of the year! Think lots of golds, neutrals and burnt oranges… I mean this could NOT be more fall!

Will you be testing out these entertaining tips this fall?!