Halloween Candy Face-off

Alright… the Halloween countdown is officially ON!!! We are exactly T-minus TWO WEEKS away from the spookiest night of the year! Are YOU prepared? Do YOU have your Halloween Candy all picked out yet? No? Well GOOD!!! Because TODAY we’re sharing HEALTHIER versions of the traditional or conventional tricks & treats that are distributed on all Hallow’s Eve night!! But be prepared…. The cold hard facts about conventional Halloween Candy might be SCARY!!!! Muahahaha!

Sweet vs Spooky… What you NEED to know about Halloween Candy!  

Truth be told, I was always the kid lugging around literal PILLOW CASES of candy on Halloween, only to then come home & meticulously sort out my haul by category; ie. chips, chocolate, candy, licorice etc! As a kid… this was complete BLISS! I mean, I think it’s safe to say that I regard “trick or treating” with utmost seriousness, & my single most goal for the evening was always to collect the MOST amount of candy as humanly possible… ie. however much my tiny little arms could carry!

Now I can assure you that the very LAST thing on my mind when collecting, & sorting, & EATING my treasured Halloween candy was just how much SUGAR & FAT & CHEMICALS I was actually consuming via these conventional treats! However, now that I am a full-grown adult, these kinds of things are definitely more on the forefront of my brain – especially now that Halloween grows closer & closer!

So… what exactly makes the long ingredient list of some of these conventional treats so scary?! Well…. I’m sharing a bit of a breakdown that details and contrasts the contents of conventional versus natural Halloween sweets & treats!!!

Sugar Content # of Ingredients Listed Is Product Gluten-Free? Is Product Dairy Free
Conventional Halloween Candy Bar 6g/bar 18 No No
Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Mini 4g/bar 3 Yes Yes – Free from dairy & eggs


Certified Non-GMO Does this product contain gelatin? Does this product contain corn syrup? Is this product gluten-free?
Conventional Pumpkin Flavoured Marshmallow No Yes



Corn Syrup is listed as the first ingredient Not certified gluten-free
Dandies All Natural Pumpkin Flavoured Marshmallows Yes No No Yes


Does this product contain artificial flavours & colours? Allergen Content Vitamin C Content Sodium Content
Conventional Gummy Worms Yes Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy products 0% 40mg/serving
Surf Sweets Spooky Spider Gummies No Free of the 10 Most Common Allergens & Made in a Nut Free Facility Made with Organic Fruit Juice & contains 100% Vitamin C per serving 15mg/serving


Yikes… that’s a bit of a striking contrast, no?! So lets make this Halloween a little bit less scary with some of our healthier alternatives here at Ambrosia! Oh…. And PS – be sure to click both HERE and HERE for healthy Halloween recipes you can make all on your own… your kids will LOVE them!!!!


Happy Halloween Season!


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