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Green Your Beauty Routine: Achieving The Perfect Summer Manicure

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Pool parties, BBQ, cottages and lakes might initially be the first thing that we all think of. However, there’s one particular beauty ritual that indisputably kicks into high gear during this time of year… MANICURES!

So because manicures are such a summer staple, we’re dedicating this month’s Green Your Beauty Routine feature to non-toxic nail polishes and how to achieve the perfect manicure using them!

Summertime Manicure 101Brit, Team Ambrosia

Summer, without fail, always gets me in the mood for manicures and pedicures… actually, who am I kidding this is most definitely a guilty pleasure of mine all year round!

Now I am fully aware that most of you are perhaps wondering why using non-toxic nail polish is even necessary.  It doesn’t touch your skin, so it can’t possibly be causing much harm right? Not necessarily.

Most conventional nail polishes contain three ingredients that you should try to absolutely avoid: dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. Together, these three chemicals help to create the infamous smell that nail polish is so well known for.

So today, I’m arming you with the necessary steps that will help you achieve the most perfect summer manicure… naturally.

Step 1Remove old nail polish

 First things first; remove any excess nail polish from prior manicures!! *** It’s important to note here that you should ideally leave ample time between manicures in order to allow your nails, and nail beds to breathe. Continuously applying polish for consecutive weeks in a row may leave your nails looking rather yellow-ish!

My pick for a great, natural nail polish remover would be by Gabriel – it comes in both liquid or pad form!

 Step 2 – Shape Nails

 To me, shaping the actual nail is such a personal preference! Square, round, point, long, short etc… There are so many different options to play around with! It really depends on your personal and unique sense of style!

 Step 3 – Soak

 This is the relaxing part! Let your hands soak in warm water for a couple of minutes. Try adding different essential oils for a wonderful, tranquil aroma or a natural facial cleanser.

Step 4 – Push back cuticles

Gently (so as not to damage) push your cuticles back using a cuticle pusher for an easier nail bed to work with. This step will help make your manicure last much longer. Be sure to do this very, very gently!!! And do NOT cut your cuticle.

 Step 5 – Moisturize

 Moisturizing is, in my personal opinion, the very best part of any step of ANY manicure! It is just so simply relaxing; I could do it for ages! If you’d like to achieve the real “authentic” manicure experience, once you’ve moisturized your hands, lightly wrap your arms in a warm, moist towel… the best! My picks for manicure-appropriate moisturizers?

  • Jason rose water or lavender
  • Dessert Essence – lavender
  • Weleda – Pomegranate

Cuticle Moisturizer

  • Weleda – cuticle cream
  • Burt’s Bee’s – cuticle cream

Step 6 – Paint Nails

This will likely be the trickiest part of any manicure! Especially for those of us who lack a steady hand! The key here is to apply evenly and sparingly!! AKA apply as few layers as possible! Loading on the layers will only make your nails chip faster… which is why you may want to choose a polish with a richer colour so that multiple layers are not necessary! My non-toxic nail polish picks?! I typically tend to switch up nail polish colours with the seasons; opting for lighter, brighter and more fun hues in the summertime:

  • Gabriel – dusty rose
  • Pacifica – pink moon
  • Piggy Paint mint to be *** this line is perfect for kids!

 Step 7 – Soak newly painted nails in ice cold water

 Soaking your fresh, newly painted nails into ice cold water may seem to be a little unorthodox in terms of typical manicure procedure… but this is the absolute BEST tip that I have in my personal arsenal!

Believe it or not, soaking your nails in cold water for a mere two minutes after they’re painted will leave them completely dry!!! Which I know, seems like a bit of an oxymoron but it TOTALLY works!! Don’t ask me how are why, it simply just does!  No more fanning your nails for hours on ends… just stick em in some ice water for a couple of minutes and you are GOLDEN! – Let me know if you try this!! Please! I’d love to know if it works for you!

Well there ya have it! 7 simple steps toward achieving the perfect summer manicure! 

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