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Gourmet Popcorn Add-Ons

In case you hadn’t noticed… Lesser Evil popcorn is on SALE this month and if THAT weren’t incentive enough to go crazy on this popcorn, we’re sharing a few different ways you can transform this classic snack into an elevated, gourmet treat! Happy SNACKING everyone!!

Three Ways to Elevate Lesser Evil Popcorn – Brit, Team Ambrosia

Popcorn is arguably the KING of snack foods! It’s often my go-to snack when I head north to the cottage, when enjoying a picnic in the park or when I’m watching a movie on the couch during a lazy Friday night in. Hands up if you’re the same! Ps. I’m going to go ahead and assume that all of you agreed with me on this one! I mean… who DOESN’T like popcorn?!

Now because Lesser Evil just so happens to be on SALE this month AND it’s national picnic month AND it’s just plain delicious (triple whammy) I wanted to do something a little bit special and share a few ways that you can really up the flavour profile of this delicious snack!

But FIRST… I wanted to share a little bit about exactly why you should opt for this particular popcorn over a comparable conventional brand in a super easy, readable chart outlined below!

Conventional Brand Lesser Evil
270 calories/serving 200 calories/serving
16g of fat 7g of fat
16% of your daily fiber requirement 37% of your daily fiber requirement
10mg cholesterol 0mg cholesterol
Contains NO certifications Certified Organic, Gluten Free & Non-GMO
Under $4.00 Under $4.00

I mean… perhaps I’m a little bit bias here… but I think it’s safe to say which one is the better option health-wise!!!! So now that we’ve officially declared the obvious winner of the battle of the brands… onto the FUN STUFF!!! Aka yummy, gourmet food toppings to add to your next bowl of popcorn!

Lesser Evil Popcorn – 3 Ways!

Add Chocolate

I love this salty sweet contrast! I am ALWAYS adding some form of chocolate into my popcorn whether it be chocolate chips, chocolate candies, chocolate covered almonds OR drizzling melted chocolate on top! This is a really simple way to amp up the flavour factor in a major way! Hot Tip: We have many vegan chocolate options also!!! 

Bacon Bits & Honey OR Maple Syrup 

This one is out of this WORLD delicious! I LOVE combining bizarre and “out there” flavours and adding bacon & honey to your popcorn is definitely on the top of my list in terms of “out there” flavour combinations! Simply fry up about four slices of bacon with either maple syrup OR honey and chop into bits! Toss into your popcorn and VOILA… your taste buds are in for a treat and a HALF!

 Nutritional Yeast & Rosemary OR crushed Kale Chips with Garlic! 

Okay so this is going to be sort of like your healthy, vegan version of cheese popcorn…. But BETTER! Sprinkle a bit of nutritional yeast and a bit of fresh rosemary OR crushed kale chips and you’ve got yourself a pretty powerful flavour profile! This recipe is super fresh, and natural! The best combination if you ask us!

What are your favourite gourmet popcorn toppings?!