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Get Your Hair “Summer Ready”!

The sun is shining, and the beach is calling! You know what else is calling? Humidity! And it’s here to try its very best to wreak havoc on your hair! So if you’re looking to avoid flyaways and frizzy hair that inevitably come with warmer weather, we’re here to arm you with a couple of tips and tricks to get your hair in tip top shape for summer!

Easy, Breezy Beach Waves – Brit, Team Ambrosia

If you’re anything like me, you love an effortless hairstyle that LOOKS amazing but actually took all of two seconds to throw together! Heavy emphasis on the whole two seconds thing! Life can get incredibly busy, so for those hot, summer days when I simply don’t feel like going through the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to styling one’s hair… I need something that is easy, yet looks very put together!

Regrettably, summer has a bit of a knack for throwing a major wrench into that whole “effortless and put together” hairstyle thing… helloooo flyaways! BUT, I’m here to inform all of you that there IS in fact a way to achieve those luscious, light locks for the summer, sans all of the frizziness!!!

3 Steps To Healthy and Chic Summer Hair

1. Nourishment

First and foremost, if you want to attain smooth, flowing locks this summer, the first step is ALWAYS going to be achieving healthy hair!! When the temperatures rise, so do the UV levels…. Which tends to dry out your hair much quicker than usual – lending to potential hair damage!!!! Be sure to invest in good quality shampoo with natural ingredients to help nourish and maintain your hair’s strength and vitality! We currently have Mineral Fusions’ Hair Repair and Smoothing Shampoo’s and Conditioners on sale for the month of May!

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Why we love it?

The smoothing shampoo contains coconut oil and mineral-rich sea kelp to help replenish moisture to dehydrated hair – keeping the frizziness at bay! While the strengthening shampoo contains keratin protein which REALLY helps to strengthen hair!

Now on top of utilizing quality shampoos and conditioners, you’re also going to want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through consuming a balanced diet rich in antioxidants AND complement foods with hair healthy supplements!

Prairie Naturals offers a supplement called Hair Force, which is designed specifically to restore, repair and nourish your hair through combining 22 natural growth promoting nutrients! This nutrient-rich concoction, packed with your vitamin B’s, A’s, C’s & D’s just to name a few, works to stimulate hair growth, support hormone balance & even helps to reduce stress!

Bottom Line: To help your hair combat the summer heat, ensure that you first have a healthy base to work with! A majority of summer hairstyles are synonymous with big, voluminous hair – so this step is particularly important!

2. Lighter Locks

One of the more notorious signature staples of summer hair has got to be that perfectly sun kissed appearance! Swoon. Lightening your hair for summer is a fun way to switch up your look, but the chemicals that generally come along with a visit to the hair salon are not the most fun! So if you’re looking to lighten up the locks, but want to avoid some seriously dismaying ingredients – why not try your hand at a couple natural alternatives?!

We have a couple of different natural hair dye alternatives here at Ambrosia, but today I’m going to put the spotlight on Herbatint a bit, simply due to the fact that it is currently on sale for the month of May!

In doing a bit of research for this post, I discovered that the founder of Herbatint was actually a herbalist by the name of Michele Albergo! Upon examining natural colouring formulas that aim to increase hair and skin product efficacy using herbal ingredients, Albergo was able to drastically reduce the percentage of chemical ingredients (like hydrogen peroxide) in hair dyes. After several formulations using various medicinal herbs, he would later go on to start Herbatint; now known as one of the most natural alternatives to traditional chemical colourings!

Bottom Line: Select a natural hair dye that is one or two shades lighter than your current colour! This will give you an updated, fresh appearance that is perfect for the warmer months ahead & will top off your beach waves quite nicely!

3. Wavy Mane 

Now THIS is the super fun part! Actually getting the beach waves! Last year, I wrote a blog on how to make your very own beach texture spray which you can find HERE. The leave in conditioners utilized in this salt spray recipe will help nourish your locks, while simultaneously hydrating your follicles which will drastically help to reduce flyaways and frizziness!!!!

Hot Tip: We recently brought in Mineral Fusion’s Beach Texture Spray at our Thornhill location – so this might be a fun product to test out over the summer (it also just so happens to be on sale for the month of May!!!). The Biotin and vegetarian Keratin help create an effortless, tousled, beachy texture!!!

What are some of your favourite summer hair tips?!