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Fishy Business: Why You Should Buy Wild Caught Fish

Wild Caught or Farm Raised Fish…. We’ve ALL heard these terms before, but what do they mean exactly, and which one is better for us AND the environment? Well if you don’t know the answers to these questions do NOT worry because we’re getting into the nitty gritty of the fishing industry to show you what to look for when buying fish products!

Wild Caught Fish vs. Farm Raised

To be completely honest, I didn’t know that much about the fishing industry until recently! And it wasn’t until I began research for this particular article that I fully started to realize just how imperative it is that we take fish consumption and fishing seriously! Very seriously!!! There’s been such a HUGE debate over the benefits and setbacks of farm raised fish versus wild caught, and the information can seem incredibly confusing and contradictory at times. So I thought… why not try to settle the debate once and for all?!

Here’s what you NEED to know about the fishy business that goes on in the fishing industry!

What’s the Difference Between Farm-Raised and Wild Caught Fish?

Okay so first, things first… what’s the difference between these two methods of fishing?

To put it simply, farm-raised fish live in small, crowded pens or cages that are submerged in lakes, ponds and salt water. One of the main reasons that we have farm-raised fish is due to over fishing of our oceans! Now because of their close quarters and increased risk of contracting disease, many of these fish are fed antibiotics and treated with pesticides and ALSO tend to have lower levels of nutrients.

On the other hand, wild caught fish is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: fish that are caught by fishermen in their own natural habitat. The benefits are that these fish are wild and live a relatively “normal”, humane and more ethical life. The bad news? We’re now experiencing over fishing of our waters… and it’s reaching SCARY levels! Fact: Did YOU know that the World Bank estimates that almost two thirds of the seafood we eat will be exclusively farm-raised by 2030 due to overfishing? Not good!!!

So… what’s the answer? Well on the one hand, you’re helping to prevent over fishing of our oceans with farm-raised fish. However, it’s indisputable that these methods are unethical and the fish are NOT living a happy life.  Alternatively, wild caught fish is both an ethical and humane practice… but it’s leading to overfishing and disruption of our water’s Ecosystems!!

The Answer?

Well you guys… we might have a pretty GREAT answer for you that appeases both the ocean environment and the ethics of fishing! Investing in quality products like Raincoast Trading!!

Raincoast Trading prioritizes sustainability and the well-being of our world marine ecosystems as a whole!  How do they do this exactly? Glad you asked! Production codes can be found at the bottom of each and every single Raincoast Can which trace the origin of the fish you eat to the vessel, captain, name, vessel flag, harvest method, area of capture AND trip dates!!!

This coding information is also given to ocean conservation groups so that Raincoast can ensure that the sources of fisheries used practice sustainable and responsible fishing methods! AMAZING!!! Because Raincoast Trading implemented these coding methods, Ocean Wise conservation program endorsed Raincoast as the FIRST Canadian packaged retail Seafood Company to be recognized as an environmentally friendly seafood choice!

Looks like we can treat fish ethically AND look out for our water ecosystems at the same time… as long as well all make a conscious effort to invest in products that matter!

Ps. As a little added bonus to this Blog Post… Raincoast Wild Pacific Sardines are on SALE this month for just $2.99!!!

So… will you guys be making the switch to sustainable, wild caught fishing products?!?!