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February’s Featured Products: Healthy Winter Travel Essentials

Sunnier skies in your horizon? If you’re jet setting south in this winter, then A. You need to read this blog and B. Can you please pack us in your suitcase?! There’s nothing like a little R & R while on vacation, but while you may be taking a break from your daily grind… make sure that you don’t forget about your health! Between germy airports, the scorching sun and travel diseases, be sure that you don’t leave home without these 5 healthy travel essentials!

Healthy Travel Essentials

  1. Boost Immunity – Ever wonder why we often get sick on vacation? Have YOU ever heard of “Leisure Sickness”? Some experts insist that our over-worked adrenals (due to every day stresses) continue to produce energy (AKA adrenaline), even when we’re relaxed on vacation. Our bodies don’t know what to do with this constant energy production, causing an imbalance in the body and a weakened immune system! Protect your immunity with Naka’s Liposomal C1000! This form of vitamin C is fat soluble, creating a better absorption rate of vitamin C into ALL cells.
  2. Ease Your Sunburn – Sunburn-prone? We get it… you haven’t felt the warmth of sun in MONTHS! Burns happen. Insert: Ambrosia’s Own Organic Aloe Vera! Our Organic Aloe Vera Soothing Moisturizer is made using PURE 99% Organic Aloe Vera Leaf juice and helps reduce itchiness and inflammation, and is effective in sunburn relief. ** Hot Tip: Ambrosia has a WIDE selection of natural, non-toxic sunscreen lotions! Be sure to stock up on those too!!!
  3. Ward Off Colds and Flus – It’s no secret… busy airports, planes and hotels increase your risk of exposure to colds and flus. Getting sick on vacation is absolutely the WORST which is why you NEED to make sure you’re well prepared. You spent good money on those flights!!! Suro’s brand new Elderberry Tinctures, Capsules and Extracts all help ward off colds and flus. Did YOU know that Elderberries have natural antiviral properties and have been used for CENTURIES against cold and flu?!
  4. Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand – Hotels don’t always have the healthiest of snack options… so why not bring your own?! We have AILES upon AILES of healthy, all-natural snack options for your trip! On-the-go keto snack bars like Good to Go are a great option if you’re heading out of the hotel on an excursion! They recently came out with some INCREDIBLE new flavours like Strawberry Macadamia and Double Chocolate. Salty snacks more your thing? Try Tum Yumm Fox Nuts! What the heck are Fox Nuts you ask? They’re lotus flower’s seed, and they kind of look like popcorn! It’s an Asian water plant largely found in India.

Where are YOU traveling to this winter?!