Organic Girl: Salad Dressings:


“Fresh Meets Fabulous”

Introducing fresh designer dressings. The perfect accessories for the good, clean greens you know and love. Creating these salad dressings they choose whole, 100% organic fruits and vegetables carefully selected to ensure the best quality & taste, blended with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables with herbs, spices, and oils to create unique flavours. They are never heated & bottled cold to keep all flavours intact.

Now available in Avocado Cilantro, Herb Goddess, White Cheddar, Lemon Agave, Lemon Caesar, & Pomegranate Balsamic.






Honest Kids: Juice Packs:


“All About Communi-Tea”

In 2013, they removed the organic cane sugar from all Honest Kids varieties. They found a way to deliver the same great taste by sweetening the juice drinks only with fruit juice.

Berry Good Lemonade: So delicious, it will knock your socks off. Seriously. You might have to get new ones. The tasty flavours of cranberry and lemon juices are just the things to quench your thirst and treat your taste buds.

Super Fruit Punch: Grape, strawberry, apple, watermelon juices and other ingredients unite to truly pack a punch. These four fantastic fruits combine their powers of refreshment to give kids a delicious drink that will keep them soaring through their day, from school to play.

Appley Ever After: A refreshing, organic apple juice drink from concentrate that will leave your taste buds feeling happy and satisfied, just like a classic storybook ending.


Emborg: Vegan Cheese Slices & Shreds:


“Love Food”

Dairy-free products are good alternatives for every occasion, whether you prefer to enjoy a classic sandwich, panini, or a favourite homemade pizza.

Dairy Free Slices: Flavourful, tasty & works with many different dishes. Original Sliced and Sliced Mozzarella Style are mild and creamy with a great stretchy texture. Sliced Cheddar Style has a traditional buttery rich flavour and is ideal with macaroni or in toast. The Garlic & Herb Style is an appealing mix, and can be enjoyed in a tasty sandwich, toast or grilled panini.

Dairy Free Shreds: Ideal toppings to your hot dish when you want to enjoy a rich flavour with a great stretch. The shredded Tex-Mex Style is  favourable with any type of Mexican food such as tacos, nachos, & burritos.


Organika: Marine Collagen Powder:


“Your Natural Solution”

Organika’s Marine Collagen is an excellent alternative to the bovine-sourced collagen. It is 100% pure, single ingredient that is sustainably sourced from freshwater cod which is composed of 15 amino acids to boost your overall health. Some of the benefits are: helps to build bone strength, improve hair, skin, & nails, improve in wound healing.


Botanica: Resihi Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Golden Turmeric Mylk:


“Your Newest Daily Ritual”

Reishi Hot Chocolate: Upgrade your afternoon or evening ritual with Botanica’s Reishi Hot Chocolate, a modern take on a traditional favourite to support a healthy stress response and relaxation. Made from a whole food blend of cocoa, dates, reishi, chocolate, & coconut.

Chocolate Golden Turmeric Mylk: A modern take on a traditional Ayurvedic beverage. Made from a whole food blend of turmeric, dates, coconut, cardamom, ashwagandha, black pepper, & cinnamon.


MegaFood Gummies:


“Simple & Pure”

These new gummy vitamins and supplements are made with real food from trusted far partners helping support your wellness needs, and organic and regenerative agriculture at the same time. They taste as good as they are for you. And they’re glyphosate residue free, too! That’s nutrition with ambition.

B12 Energy – Cranberry: Containing 24mcg of B12 help support cellular energy levels and production; tart, farm-fresh cranberry from James Lake Farms in Three Lakes, Wisconsin gives these gummies real berry flavour.

B12 Energy – Ginger: These gummies deliver a unique and yummy ginger root zing from Kauai Organic Farms. Not too spicy – just right!

C Defense – Citrus: Each serving provides 180mg of Vitamin C to help support immune health, while juicy, farm-fresh oranges from Uncle Matt’s Organic give these gummies an authentic citrus flavour and provide complementary co-factors.

D3 Wellness – Mixed Fruit: Fresh picked Florida oranges, Wisconsin cranberries, Quebec blueberries and Kauai ginger root; a bountiful blend!