Mid-Day Squares: Almond Crunch:


“Goodbye Hunger & Cravings”

If you’ve ever been hit with afternoon hunger at work, or been on the run and had to delay lunch or dinner, Mid-Day Sqaures Almond Crunch was made for you.

Containing almonds which are loaded with antioxidants, with 12 different vitamins and minerals, great source of magnesium. This bar provides 40% of your daily iron, along with 32% fibre, 30% calcium, & 20% protein this bar serves as a great source of everything you’re looking for when those hunger pains hit but you won’t feel guilty about enjoying it!




Living Earth Microgreens:


“Farming for the Future”

Living Earth Farm is a certified organic vertical farm that specializes in year-round premium quality greens and culinary herbs. Located in Toronto and focus on producing food that is sustainable for the environment, delicious and nutritious. Their produce is grown year-round indoors in their urban farm facility. The farm uses a unique combination of traditional organic farming practices with cutting edge technological advancements that creates a perfect plant environment year-round.

We now carry the following from Living Earth: Pea Shoots, Rainbow Micro Mix, Micro Cabbage, Micro Red Kale, Micro Broccoli, Micro Basil, & Micro Cilantro.


Mary’s REAL Thin Crackers:


“Snack Happy. Live Happy.”

The Mary’s Gone Crackers seed was planted the day Mary discovered the power to create amazingly good snacks using only whole, plant-base ingredients. The popularity of her tasty crackers quickly spread far beyond her kitchen, inspiring her to walk away from a successful career to follow her passion.

Maybe you think of Mary’s crackers as the round, seedy type. They’re OK with that. But they can be a little edgy too. Thanks to whole, organic ingredients, your kids will never suspect that these savoury toasted real thin crackers are also good for them.

Sea Salt: Might be the tastiest rectangle in the gluten free universe. While the shape is different, the taste is oh so familiar to wheat lovers. Using only real, whole food ingredients, skillfully baked, Mary’s proves you don’t need wheat to make toasty tasting crackers!

Garlic Rosemary: For a preview of their cracker, crush a few needles of rosemary and breathe in. The mouth-watering aroma of garden rosemary is ushered into the world of crunch.


Love Good Fats: Chocolatey & Chewy Nutty Bars:


“Full of Good Fats”

Chocolatey Cookies & Cream: Wow, it’s hard to say no to a flavour combination like cookies & cream! Combining the delicious taste of cookies and cream with 1 gram of sugar, good fats, few carbs, and clean, wholesome, and natural ingredients. This ridiculously delicious bar gives you a  soft melt-in-your-mouth texture while overwhelming your taste buds with decadent flavours.

Chocolatey Lemon Mousse: So delicious, it combines a soft truffle-like texture with yummy, creamy, and citrusy flavours, it’s like dessert in a bar! Made with clean, natural, wholesome ingredients, 2 grams of sugar, and lots of good fats, this bar will leave you feeling satisfied and satiated.

Chewy Chocolate Almond: Made with a delicious mixture of nuts and chocolatey flavours. Using only clean, natural and wholesome ingredients in their newest ridiculously delicious bar.

Chewy Coconut Macadamia: Made with a delicious mixture of nuts and coconut and cinnamon flavours. Using only clean, natural and wholesome ingredients in their newest ridiculously delicious bar.


Organika: Adaptogen Mylk Latte:


“Enhance your Routine”

A delicious ready-to-mix drink to recharge your body and mind. Featuring coconut milk, spices, and a blend of organic mushrooms and herbs: maca, reishi, lion’s mane, and ashwaghandha. Giving you a caffeine free energy boost this latte supports your stress response, improve focus & memory containing locally raised mushrooms, along with 2 grams of fiber per serving it will help you throughout the day!


Nourish Organic: Skin Care:


“Pure & Clean”

Creating & producing healthy, high-performing, plant-based products that are concern-free and eco-friendly. Organic products with a pledge to purity containing all-natural ingredients with nothing synthetic. What goes on your skin ultimately gets absorbed into your system. That’s why they believe that you shouldn’t put anything harmful on your body. Nourish Organic offers you pure, certified organic ingredients and nothing more.

From the Organic line we carry the following: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Face Cream, Face Lotion, Eye Treatment.

From the Organic Age Defense line, we carry the following: Face Cleanser, Serum, Face Cream, & Eye Treatment.