Organika: Adaptogenic Blends:


“Created for Every Mood”

Calm: This sustainable, organic Chaga powder is a powerful adaptogen to help keep your stress response at its best. Think of it as your personal force field.

Glow: Schisandra and hibiscus berry have been long known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a beauty tonic and to maintain vitality. Soak in the goodness of the beauty berry – simply drink up and beam on!

Memory: Known as a nootropic, Lion’s Mane is about to become your best study buddy. Prepare to get productive!

Mood: Conjure Ashwagandha’s centuries-long history as a n energy and mood enhancer with this organic, sustainable whole Ashwangandha root powder.

Balance: Tried and tested by centuries of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi is known as a potent stress reducer and for its immunity-supporting properties.





Thirsty Naturals: Products for Teens:


“All Natural. All the Time.”

Thirsty Naturals for Teens is a 100% natural, plant-based & toxin free personal care product line for teenagers made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, petroleum by-products, animal by-products, animal testing. With all ingredients sources from natural origins, even the preservative used is a natural source.

All Over Wash: Refresh, de-oderize and moisturize the complete body, face and hair with this multi-tasking formula. This rich lather is mild, non-drying and sulphate-free.

Deodorant: Avoid nasty toxins and aluminum, and naturally deodorize smelly armpits with minerals and avoid microbial extracts.

Spot Treatment: Treat those spots with witch hazel and natural salicylic to unclog the pores and reduce redness and inflammation.

Dry Shampoo: Revive greasy hair and reduce excess oil production with fast absorbing minerals and natural astringents.

Also available are the Foaming Face Wash & Daily Moisturizer.


Garden of Life: Dr. Formulated MCT Coconut Oil:


“Fast Fuel for Brain & Body”

Designed for athletes looking for a fast burst of energy, those following a paleo or keto diet and everyone looking to support brain health. Dr. Formulated MCT Coconut Oil is 100% organic coconut oil and delivers 13g of MCTs – including Caprylic and Capric acids – per serving. MCTs are healthy fatty acids that are easily digested, provide energy and are burned by the body for fuel and energy. Many benefits of MCT oil is that it helps to increase energy expenditure and raise metabolic rates, help you feel full longer, allow for a boost in energy, & great food for the brain!.


Mama T’s Protein Cookies:


“Healthy & Nutritious Food”

A grab & go healthy snack made with real food that’s perfect for everyone!

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip: The original cookie is packed with a whopping 21 grams of protein! Hand-made, oven baked and containing only the best all-natual whole food ingredients, delivering a nutritious, long lasting source of energy that will keep you fueled all day long!

Chocolate Macaroon: Satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy 16 grams of protein.. In a cookie! Chocolate Macaroon are a guilt-free snack that is packed with serious flavour! Baked to perfection with the perfect ratio of dark chocolate and coconut, you don’t have to sacrifice anything!

Ultimate Peanut Butter: Are you ready to take your love for peanut butter to the next level? Containing 24 grams of protein per cookie. Now you get to enjoy soft, delicious peanut butter cookies just like your Mama used to make without the guilt.


Golden Nest Jerky:


“Delicious Flavours”

Unlike other jerky products, Golden Nest Jerky is kept fresh and long lasting with cane sugar and celery powder. Only premium chunks of lean, hormone-fee U.S. beef are used and prepared in-house with all-natural ingredients to ensure for best quality and taste. The jerky is prepared through a slow and careful cooking process using an open flame grill.

Golden Nest Jerky now available in the following flavours: Bourbon BBQ, Mango Habanero, & Garlic Parmesan. These varieties are available in Chicken, Beef, & Pork!


Gardein: Frozen Bowls:


“It Only Takes Minutes”

They’re insanely passionate about helping the world eat less meat, that’s why they’ve created new meal bowls!

Orange Beefless Bowl: Containing 16 grams of protein, plant protein & vegan this bowl is an excellent source of iron & B12 and is ready in 5 minutes!

Chickn’n Fajita Bowl: Containing 15 grams of protein, made with plant protein & vegan this bowl is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Teriyaki Chick’n Bowl: Containing 13 grams of protein, made with plant protein & vegan this bowl is a great source of vitamins and minerals.