Marys Organic Chipotle

Mary’s Organic: Real Thin Crackers:


“Snack Happy, Live Happy”

Their new Real Thin Crackers pack loads of flavour and nutrition in to their real thin shape. Similar to their existing line, these are toasted to perfection with whole, organic, plant-based and gluten-free ingredients that are sure to bring happy snacking to your day!

Now Available in:

Chipotle: Earthy, sweet and smoky with a spicy little kick to finish.

Tomato & Basil: A classic pairing of tangy, sweet and savoury, just add mozzarella!

Olive Oil & Cracked Black Pepper: Rich and fruity olive notes combined with the sharp woody notes of black pepper, a winning combo!


Flora: Vegan Plant Butter:


“Nom Responsibly”

Calling all butter lovers! Flora’s new plant-based butter is a fantastic alternative to dairy butter. Like most plant-based butter alternatives, Flora is free of dairy, gluten, GMOs, and artificial ingredients. But unlike most brands, it’s also coconut-free! They use a blend of sunflower oil, and non-GMO palm oil that adds a rich and creamy taste to anything. This is perfect for making chewy cookies, fluffy cakes, creamy sauces or simply adding it to warm, toasted bread will be the best decision you’ve ever made!


Impossible: Plant-Based Burger:


“Eat Up. Save Earth”

Impossible Foods is all about making the impossible, possible. They set out to find the perfect way to make meat, dairy and fish out of plants. They newly available Impossible Burger is delicious, nutritious and made using a small fraction of land, water and energy required to make meat from a cow. Eat the Impossible Burger in any way you want: great for meatballs, tacos, chili cheese fries and more!


Upfront Cosmetic: Hair Masque:


“Nutrient Rich, without the Plastic”

At Upfront Cosmetics, their mission is to aim to empower you to make decision based on understanding. Their new hair masques contain now bulky plastic packaging and provide three hair masque cubes that are packed full of rice butter, nourishing oils and delightful smelling essential oils.

These masques are super simple to use – all you have to do is take one masque cube and ¼ cup of just boiled water, pop it into a heat safe bowl, and stir until it has a creamy, luxurious consistency. Let it cool, then apply it all over your hair and scalp. You can leave it on for 5-20 minutes (or longer if you want some seriously deep conditioning), then give your hair a good rinse. Just like that, you will have super smooth, soft and shiny hair! 

Available in: Bobassu & Argan or Kokum & Abyssinian


Honibe: Honey Pops:


“Honey for Health”

Honibe Honey Pops are the first all-natural honey-based kids lollipop for sore throat and nasal congestion. They use their own patented process to dehydrate honey into a pure solid form, encapsulating all of its naturally occurring health benefits with no added sugar, artificial colours or sweeteners. They are free from gluten and Kosher certified. Your kids will love the taste, and you will love how Honey Pops make them feel better fast! 

Available in four delicious flavours: strawberry, cherry, lemon, and pure honey.