Patience: Active Blends:


“Keep You Moving”

Whether you’re out on a hike, on the way to work or just lounging about on the sofa, you’ll love all three flavours in this Active Blends line! Made from whole nuts, grains and dried cranberries, they’re a super source of energy, giving you that boost it sometimes takes to get work and activities crossed off your list. Available in 35g & 130 g sizes, to satisfy those sudden cravings.

Moka Moments: A generous flavour of 70% dark chocolate forms the luscious top note in this blend of dried cranberries, and the bitterness of gently ground coffee to awaken your taste buds.

Tropical Delight: Dried cranberries, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and coconut is crunchy, fresh and zesty. What’s their secret? They’ve added a sunny touch of pineapple to your snack break.

Sea Salt & Pepper: Dried cranberries, cashews, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, sea salt & pepper balances the sweet and salty in a way everyone will love.



Wholly Veggies: Pizza:


“Veggie Full, Effortless.”

After several failed attempts and one harmless fire, they’ve finally created a masterpiece: a patty made with a pinch of seasoning, a dab of egg white and a bunch of delicious veggies you know and love.

Cauliflower Crust: Looking to try out your own recipe? in each package you’ll find two delicious cauliflower crusts. So go ahead, be the pizza maestro.

Classic Cheese Pizza: A vitamin C rich cauliflower crust topped with organic tomato sauce and a tasty layer of vegan cheddar and mozzarella cheeze from Earth Island.

Kale & Hemp Pizza: Creating a nutrient rich pizza that is packed with tasty veggies, they turned to their two favourites for a quick source of energy and protein: kale & hemp.

Margherita Pizza: They couldn’t make a Cauliflower Crust Pizza without doing a Margherita. Three simple toppings – basil, tomato sauce and Margherita Cheeze – is what makes this pizza extra delicious..


Zevia: Energy Drinks & Organic Teas:



Energy Drinks: Sometimes we all need a little extra. Whether it’s before or after your workout or keeping up with the kids, you can power your inner beast mode with a zero sugar can of Zevia Energy. Delivering the clean energy you deserve without all the sugar and artificial stuff. Packed with 120mg of natural caffeine!

Organic Tea: The first and only zero calorie & zero sugar tea platform. Naturally sweetened with a delicate balance of flavour it is USDA Organic and brewed with Fair Trade Certified Tea.


Org. Traditions: Baru Seeds:


“A Game Changer”

Introducing baru seeds, a nutrient dense legume indigenously grown in the Cerrado, the tropical Savannah of Brazil. Wild-crafted and hand-picked, these seeds have more digestible protein compared to almonds and walnuts & are a source of fibre, iron, and vitamin E. Baru seeds are gently roasted to improve digestibility and offer the same nutty satisfaction as peanuts. Despite being called baru nuts or baru almonds they are actually seeds originating from a primitive legume and are completely unrelated to almonds or tree nuts.


Naty: Sanitary Pads & Liners:


“The Latest Innovation”

Pads: Absorbent, natural and renewable pads from their award-winning care line. Their best protection against untimely leakages. Naty’s discrete absorbent pads look and work like other quality brands but the experience of wearing ecological pads without petroleum-based plastics or synthetic fibers against your skin will tell you all you need to know. Fully natural, renewable and free from chemicals that can irritate sensitive pH balances, their pads are designed to work in harmony with one’s body and the environment; not against.

Liners: Ultralight, hypoallergenic, eco panty liner with a “not there” feeling. Made of natural and renewable material. Discrete eco liners that are designed to work in harmony with women’s bodies and the environment; not against. These panty liners look and work like regular panty liners. The liner contains a soft, comfortable top sheet, a super-absorbent middle layer with a corn-based protective film (100% GMO-free) attached to effectively shield undergarments.


Flora: Beet Wellness Shot:


“A Tangy Drink for Everyone”

 Enjoy the crisp tang of apple cider vinegar combined with the sweet and earthy flavour of red beets. Thoughtfully brewed in small batches, freshly ground organic herbs are water-extracted overnight, then blended with organic apple cider vinegar and infused with organic red beet crystals. It is bottled immediately after blending to capture optimum freshness & will rejuvenate your body and enliven your senses.