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Father’s Day Gift Box

Father’s Day is RIGHT around the corner, and we’re here to help show the father’s in your life a little bit of love by sharing some of our favourite Father’s Day gift ideas! We had so, so, so much fun putting together a Mother’s Day gift box this year that we figured we HAD to do one for the dads as well!!! So read on to learn how you can make your very own Father’s Day Gift Box for your dad!!! Enjoy! 

What You NEED To Include In A Father’s Day Gift Box – Brit, Team Ambrosia

Moms are a bit difficult to shop for, but dads? I kind of think they’re a piece of cake – which is why this particular gift box was super fun to put together!!! I tried to include a little something to cover ALL of the basis – from health to beauty to foods and drinks – so this is definitely a gift box that your dad will absolutely LOVE! Plus bonus points because I tried to include a couple of products that just so happen to be on SALE this month!!

Happy shopping!

– Basicare Men’s Shaving Brush  

Because Men need a little TLC too! Men’s grooming products, like shaving brushes, are a great go to for Father’s Day gifts! The Basicare Shaving Brush from the men’s collection utilizes a natural bristle and contour handle, culminating to an easy-to-use toiletry your dad can use on the daily!

– Chips

We have a TON of natural chip varieties and brands for you to choose from here at Ambrosia!!! Not only are Beanitos on sale for the month of June, but they are absolutely delicious! Beanitos chips are made from, you guessed it, BEANS – so these particular chips are filled with fibers and protein! Delicious and nutritious… yes please!!!!

Another Ambrosia favourite? Kettle Chips! The Kettle Brand company is a fourth generation family farm that uses sustainable farming methods to cultivate their gluten-free, Non-GMO potatoes!!! For Father’s Day, I’d recommend going with a more masculine flavour, like the deep smokiness of the Maple Bacon variety! OR the smoky, spicy and tangy Backyard BBQ flavour!! BOTH are guaranteed to be a BIG hit with the dads!

– Decode Men’s & Every Man Jack Products  

Skin and body care products offer up an excellent, and easy way to help fill your gift boxes so that you aren’t left with a ton of empty space! You may not know it, but we actually carry a huge variety of men’s self-care and “beauty” products! From body washes, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and deodorants – stop by and grab a few products to pamper your papa!

Hot Tip: Both the Decode and Every Man Jack’s line offer up all natural products, without the use of harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients and dyes! 

– Ginger Candy  

Methinks this is the perfect Father’s Day candy! It has the perfect amount of kick, a great, strong bold flavour… and also – who just doesn’t love candy?! We carry a few different varieties here from original to coffee, double strength hard candy and even crystallized ginger!

Ps. They’re on SALE until the end of June!!!!

– Bull’s Head Ginger Ale, Real Brew or Ginger Beer from The Ginger People

Not only does the packaging of these sodas have a more masculine feel, they taste one hundred percent delicious with amazing, fresh and natural flavours, AND are made using all natural ingredients! Not to mention, they provide a wonderful alternative to the more conventional sodas that are packed with all sorts of questionable ingredients!!!! Also – I’m totally thinking that you could use some of these sodas and make a killer mocktail for your dad to help celebrate Father’s Day!!!!

Mocktail Moscow Mules anyone? I mean…. SO delicious!!!!!

– Ergogenics Whey Protein Powder  

Okay so after your dad has finished eating all of his candies, devoured his chips and drunken all of his tasty, natural sodas…. He can have himself a green smoothie!!!! We carry this protein powder in three different varieties (which, by the way, are on SALE this month): unflavoured, vanilla, and chocolate! It contains 100% undenatured whey protein product, a slow releasing protein, which is fully absorbed in two hours – helping to control appetite and reduce carbohydrate cravings!


What are you getting your dad this Father’s Day?!




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