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Father’s Day is THIS Sunday; AKA 4 days away (yikes)! Need some last minute gift ideas? We’ve totally got you covered!

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts – Brit, Team Ambrosia

Dads are HARD to shop for! Is it just me?! I mean there are only so many times that golf balls and power tools are going to suffice as a plausible Father’s Day gift – unfortunately… just kidding!!!

All jokes aside, Father’s Day is about recognizing the amazing impact that dad’s across the globe have had in our lives… so below are 4 unique gifts that will surely please your pops – way more than a tie!

Short & Sweet: 4 Simple Gifts For DAD

Bulk Snacks

For the football/golf loving dad. He’ll need to snack on somethingduring the game – pick up one of our plastic, sampler platters and choose from a huge variety at our bulk section (nuts and popcorn are personal favourites of mine)! Considering there’s a major golf tournament going on this weekend, I strongly believe that this one will come in handy!

Organic Steak

For the BBQ-loving dad! Grill up a few of these bad boys and make a sizzling Father’s Day supper! I’m thinking a trip to both the produce and sauce aisle is also a necessity! Steak and barbecued vegetables? Could there be a more perfect Father’s Day meal?!  I don’t think so!

Gardein Meatless Entrees

Black bean burger and vegan bbq chick’n wings anyone? This one isfor the plant-based, BBQ loving dad! Not to mention, they’re bagged products are on sale for just $3.33 during the entire month of June! BONUS!

Natural Toiletries

For EVERY dad. Quintessential Father’s Day gift.. and there’s nothing wrong with that! Try a natural twist of this tried and true classic with a variety of natural toiletry products (shaving cream, shampoos, conditioners etc) from our health and beauty department!

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?!

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