Land Art

A leader in the field of liquid dietary supplements which are easily absorbed & quickly bioavailable making them more effective.

Toronto Gourmet

Almond dips that are amazingly high in protein & Sunflower dips made with sunflower seeds that will make your day brighter and healthier.

Omega Alpha

Learn about Omega Alpha’s Detoxification Formulas: “Liver Flush”, “Lung Flush”, and “Kidney Flush”. These flushes help to increase the efficiency of the organs as well as rid the body of build-up of toxins.

Wholly Veggie

They believe a better world starts with more veggies at the table. Founded by two friends, Wholly Veggie is a proud Canadian company that makes extremely tasty, vegetable filled foods. There line of veggie patties are gluten-free, dairy free, contain no added sugar.

One Root Honey

One Root honey products are produced from only the purest sources. They seek out the most unpolluted and clean sources of food in Canada. There honey is sourced from natural beekeepers using sustainable practices & bottled straight from the source & is unpasteurized.