GNA Naturals: Bamboo Silica

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2018-03-09 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Address: 57 Northview Blvd, Vaughan, Ontario L4L 8X9, Canada

Bamboo is the most concentrated natural plant based source of silica (at 70%) for your body. Research has shown that silica helps thicken hair, improve skin quality, protects skin from acne, and strengthen nails, along with aiding in joint and heart health. Choline is a macronutrient that helps with good cell viability and increase adhesion properties of silica and biotin. The choline in their formula increases the effectiveness of the collagen producing ingredients. With the combined benefits of Bamboo Silica, Biotin and Choline, you get a full complex of the most effective hair, skin and nails nutrients.