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Edible Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is upon us, and here at Ambrosia we’ve already got your holiday meal more than covered with our October Specials. However, we wanted to take it a step further and show you guys a simple, sophisticated and rustic way to amp up your Thanksgiving décor at the dinner table this year. Enjoy!


Simple, Elegant & Edible Tablescape – Brit, Team Ambrosia

Being the host of a family holiday get together can take a major toll on both the bank account and your mental health (seriously… the stress of hosting one of these things can actually be INSANE!). So to make things a little easier, this past weekend I decided to embrace my inner Martha Stewart, & explore the somewhat intimidating world of DIY Holiday Home Décor! Gasp!!

Truth be told, I’ve always ogled over various DIY life & style blogs but never seemed to muster up the willpower to take on these seemingly over-intricate projects myself! However, I finally decided to give one of these a go, and am more than happy to report that all went swimmingly!

Below is an environmentally friendly & cost-effective Thanksgiving tablescape that will surely WOW all of your family members!!! Plus..major bonus points because you can totally eat it afterwards (well… at least some of it).

 What You’ll Need:

  • Apples *** On SALE at Ambrosia until the 14th of October!!!
  • Candles (Preferably White! But any neutral colour will do)
  • Burlap
  • Any Type of Greenery


  • Lay the burlap vertically along your table, as you would a table runner
  • Place greenery over the burlap, this does not have to be in a straight line or look perfect (we’re going for more of a rustic, haphazard feel here!!!)
  • Alternate placement of apples and candles sporadically along the greenery
  • Voila!

** Hot Tip: If you already have a tablescape planned, try using apples as plate placeholders for your guests! Simply take an apple & a thick piece of white or neutral paper & write your guests name on it! Tie the name card to the apple stem (using twine) & place an apple placeholder on each of your guest’s plates! Easy peasy… yet so sophisticated!

Will YOU be giving either of these DIY projects a go for Thanksgiving?!

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