Conventional Easter Candy vs. Surf Sweets Candies

We are just a mere few days away from that ever so infamous Easter Egg Hunt! Is anyone else secretly just as excited as their kids are?! We simply cannot wait, and have stocked up on our favourite fair trade chocolates and natural candies!! Have you picked out your Easter Candy yet? No? Great! Because we are breaking down the ins and outs of conventional versus natural Easter Candies! So read the blog, and be sure to hop on over to Ambrosia to pick up your very own stash of healthier Easter Candies! ENJOY!

This vs. That: Easter Candy  

Admittedly, the last Easter Egg & Candy Hunt that I actively participated in was just a couple of years ago and my competitive side was completely exposed for all of the world to see. Ever since I was a little kid, I have always taken my Egg & Candy Hunts very seriously and am happy to report that I’ve still got it in me, twenty some odd years later, and I ended up winning the egg hunt that day. Now while the glory of winning an Egg Hunt is always nice, the undeniable sugar coma that will undoubtedly follow is not the best of side effects! Throw in the added preservatives, chemicals and fillers that come with conventional chocolates and candies and you’ve got yourself a concoction of hyperactive kids just waiting to happen! That Easter Bunny isn’t looking so cute anymore now is it?

However, not ALL hope is lost! You can still absolutely give your kids an Easter Egg & Candy Hunt with healthier, “better-for-you” alternatives and were talking ALL about them today! Below is a breakdown that details and contrasts the content of conventional versus natural Easter sweets and treats from Surf Sweets… which is on SALE this month!!

Vitamin C Content Number of Calories/100g Corn Syrup Used? Artificial Colours & Flavours Used?
Conventional Jelly Beans


0% 375 Yes Yes
Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans 70% 350 No No



Vitamin C Content Sugar Content/40g Contains Corn Starch? How do they colour the Peach Ring Orange?
Conventional Peach Candies


0% 30g Yes Using a synthetic dye called Tartrazine


Surf Sweets Organic Peach Rings 100% 23g No Using Organic Black Carrot Juice Concentrate & Organic Turmeric


Vitamin C Content Contains beef or pork gelatin? Artificial Colours Used? Artificial Flavours Used?
Conventional Gummy Worms 0% Yes Yes. Artificially coloured using a synthetic dye called Tartrazine Yes
Surf Sweets Gummy Worms 100% No No. Coloured naturally using Organic Black Carrot Juice Concentrate & Organic Turmeric. No

So… what will you be putting in your kids’ Easter Baskets this year?!

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