Toronto Store Update!

Hello! It’s been a while since we’ve given all of you an update on our Toronto Store here on the blog! Curious to find out what’s been going on over at our third store at Avenue and Lawrence? Well you’re in luck because TODAY we’re sharing a snippet of the construction process with all of […]

November Featured Products Post – Hot, Healing Drinks

Happy November! With snow already falling from the skies – can you believe it?! – it’s time to crank up the temperature on some of your favourite winter sips. And no, we’re not talking about heading to your local coffee shop to purchase one of those decadent, high caloric sugary drinks! Today we’re sharing three […]

3 Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts for Pumpkin Lovers

With Halloween less than one week away, pumpkin season will be over before you know it! So to take FULL advantage of fall’s most beloved ingredient, we thought that we would dedicate today’s entire post to all things pumpkin! So throw on your apron and crank up the heat on those ovens, because we’re sharing […]

Holiday and Fall Entertaining 101

‘Tis the season for entertaining! With the weather beginning to cool down it’s time to take our socializing indoors and what better way to kickoff entertaining season than by sharing a simple guide so that your next soiree is seamless. From recipes to décor, and even your makeup look, we’re sharing everything you need to […]

7 Unique Uses for Castile Soap

Okay… so you may have HEARD about Castile Soap, but do you know what it’s used for? If you answered “to clean” then you’re technically right, but the truth is that there is SO much versatility when it comes to the WHAT! So “what” exactly does it clean? Well that’s a whole other story! Dr. […]

October’s Featured Products – 3 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Happy October! With Thanksgiving less than one week away – can you believe it?! – we thought that we would take the opportunity to showcase some of October’s Featured Products in 3 easy, delicious and nutritious dessert recipes! Yes… we just said “nutritious” and “dessert” in the same sentence. Hosting this big, holiday dinner is […]

Fall Produce Spotlight: ORGANIC SQUASH!

When we think fall produce… we think organic squash! From acorn, to butternut and even pumpkin (yes it’s considered a squash!), squash is somewhat of a staple on fall dinner tables! And for good reason! Not only is squash incredibly delicious… it’s super nutritious to boot! Every squash’s nutritional value is slightly different, but they are […]

Why You Should Be Pressing Your Tofu!

Tofu gets a bad rap! Why? Oftentimes people are turned off by the texture, flavour and that they’re geneticall modified and not organic! We sometimes hear through the grapevine that tofu is soggy or doesn’t hold flavours well, but we’re here today to tell you that this is simply NOT true! Tofu can have an […]

September Featured Products – Your New Favourite Morning Routine!

Let’s be honest… week day mornings are STRESSFUL during the school year! Between getting the kids ready for back to school, and getting yourself off to work in one piece, there’s barely any time to squeeze in the things that ACTUALLY matter! Say… your HEALTH for instance! So in honour of arguably the busiest time […]

5 Ways to Make the Most out of the Last Week of Summer

We don’t know about you… but we have had a GREAT summer this year! The weather has been fantastic, we’ve announced our third store in Toronto… what more could you want?! Well if you answered “time” then we actually agree with you! This summer has been SO great that we don’t want it to end, […]